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BOTOX to Relieve Migraine Headache

Botox London - Harley Body ClinicYes, you have heard it right. The department of Food and Drug Administration has said, Botox injections have been proven to be highly efficacious for treating migraines. It has been observed in umpteen cases that Botox relieves intense headache right away.

Chronic migraine is one of the most severe forms of headache and patients suffering from the same experience head ache almost 14 to 18 days of a month. Such a condition intervenes with family affairs and regular lifestyle badly and should be treated right away. Also called “sick headache”, migraine headaches are often accompanied by nausea. It also makes one extremely sensitive to sound and light.

Role of Botox

Botox injections are administered at intervals of about 12 week in the head and neck region to treat migraine and future symptoms of headache.

Researches had been carried out where medical specialists employed 31 Botox injections into seven particular sites of head and neck, which had produced lasting impact for up to 3 months.

Botolinum Toxin and Headache
During 90s, people reported that they got their headache cured due to the intake of Botulium Toxin for other reasons. Initial trials did not suggest any placebo differentiation because of taking Botox in episodic migraine, chronic headache or tension-type headache. Further trials were and are being carried out, which show that a subgroup of patients suffering from chronic migraine could benefit from it.
Thus, actually how Botox works in chronic migraine is still unsure. It does not work by relaxing overactive muscles; rather it reduces pain in a number of diseases, which include neuropathic pain, cervical dystonia, myofascial pain, spasticity, bladder pain, and lower back pain. It is believed that Botox prevents the release of peripheral noiceptive neurotransmitters thus preventing the central pain processing systems from generating headaches caused by migraine.
Previously use of Botox injection for migraine was restricted to a few centers but with time, more and more centers are adapting this treatment procedure.