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I had a great experience during my Vaser lipo

”I had a great experience during my Vaser lipo session with Dr Horn and his great team. All of who really supported me during the surgery. It’s only early days post operative but the after care consultant is always quick to respond and really looking forward to getting my LDM done. I would say that if you are getting more than 1-2 areas done at once then awake seduction or general would be a better option as felt a lot of pain during the surgery but was thankful that the team around me cared for me and didn’t feel like it was such a rush to get me done and out the door.”

Christie Sproule

Very happy after vaser liposuction

”Very happy after vaser liposuction. Excellent team. Thank you James for all your support.”

Simon Carter

Thank you

“Thank you for excellent service.”


Excellent service

“I had gynecomastia surgery, originally in March 2020 and didn't get the right results first time around even though a significant amount of tissue was removed. This unfortunately can happen and is a risk with any cosmetic procedure. More importantly though when I went back 9 months later, without hesitation I was offered remedial surgery. The staff are all warm and friendly friendly and provided me with constant support throughout. James in particular was very helpful. The booking team are also incredibly helpful and responsive.”

Adam Johnson

It took me around a year to completely…

“It took me around a year to completely heal, and I am happy with the Tummy Tuck results. I am looking forward to the scar removal treatment from them. Dr Horn is a well behaved and experienced surgeon, and I am very happy with them so far. Thank you so much, Harley Body Clinic Team. Great Job!!”

Kate Pinkman

Awesome experience

“One word !! – Awesome Experience. Under 5K, I got my abdomen and flanks done. Their price is amazing and very much affordable. The medical team was very professional and caring at the same time. The customer service is excellent. Four months and counting, I am feeling the changes and seeing them. I always used to think that Vaser liposuction is costly till I attended their consultation. I would recommend them.”


Not Satisfied

“They gave me a date soo late after the consultation for surgery that I had to postpone. I don’t like to wait as I am paying for their services and my demands are important. Fix this and I will give 5 star.”


Post my c-section I visited the Harley…

“Post my c-section I visited the Harley Body Clinic in Harley Street. I did my tummy tuck here almost 16 months ago. I am seeing results now and I am feeling so happy. Initially I was very upset and worried as to why I was not getting to see my desired results, however I did all my follow up reviews online after I came back to my country and Doctor Horn assured me about the results just as I desire but all I had to do is to be patient. So, I am writing the review now as I'm happy with the outcome of the surgery and the customer service experience. they are highly recommended and value for money. My tummy tuck journey will always be memorable. Thank you Harley Body Clinic Team.”

Sweta Chatterjee

Thank you Harley Body Clinic

“Dr Horn and his staff are indescribably excellent. I have been so self-conscious because of my man boobs. My potbelly wasn't helping my confidence, either. I called Harley Body Clinic and booked a consultation with Dr Horn. Customer Service is so knowledgeable and professional. In the clinic, I found the staff very attentive, friendly and caring. Dr Horn is simply unparalleled. The clinic is clean and tidy. Every office visit has been pleasant and speedy. After surgery, the results were fantastic. I am so happy. I feel confident and a new sense of freedom. Thank you, Dr Horn and the wonderful staff of Harley Body Clinic.”

Aaron Pine

Very good clinic very clean very…

“Very good clinic very clean very helpful and very friendly, they look after you when u need them to. I’m so happy with my Surgery”

Mine Ucal



Dobre Roxana

100% Recommend I met Dr Horn and…

“100% Recommend I met Dr Horn and immediately liked him. Warm & professional, he listened and advised. He managed my expectations in the consultation and then he and his team completely exceeded them in the surgery. I am thrilled with the results and the aftercare I have received.”

C. G

Highly recommended! Great friendly staff with Great Results!

“Recently I had gynecomastia surgery along with an areola reduction and am now just past the 4 week mark. Recovery is going great and I have had a very smooth healing process. The pain and soreness is a lot less than I anticipated. The staff at the clinic were great. After my first initial consultation I was a little apprehensive as it was short and sweet. After that James sat with me after the doctor left and left me feeling positive and excited to proceed. During the actual surgery the nurses and Doctor Horn were great, talking me through the whole experience. It was a little painful but very manageable. After surgery my partner drove me home and with the help of pain killers I slept very well over the next week. The following week I was back in work feeling fine. My results are great, I'm already feeling a lot better and feel much more comfortable in clothing. If you have the money just do it, I put this off far too long and wasted far too much time on other work outs and remedies that didn't work. If you have any questions talk to James as he will take the time to answer your questions and put your fears to bed! Don't wait, JUST DO IT!”


Highly recommend !!

“At first I was sceptical about getting the surgery done but coming here and talking to the team and the surgeon I felt more and more comfortable with my decision to get it done. Dr horn and his team were helpful throughout and through my aftercare and straight to the point. Outstanding care and perfect professional service all round I highly reccomend anyone to go here who's considering surgery.”

Nathan Jennings

My experience at the clinic was very…

“My experience at the clinic was very good and I am happy with what have I went there to have done. All the staff were friendly and professional. I have already recommended my friends.”


I am delighted to say I had an amazing…

“I am delighted to say I had an amazing zoom call, face to face consultation , surgery and also my post op appts with Dr Horn and staff this has been my 3rd breast augmentation I had 2 done in the USA and never had I felt at ease and more comfortable like I have with Dr Horn and staff. When my implant ruptured I found it so hard to contact and actually get a call back from any surgeon due to covid and when I started receiving calls I was not impressed at the prices I was quoted when I got my quote from Dr Horn I was beyond impressed by how reasonable the price was and also the care I had from the hospital staff that took care of me until I recovered was perfect . I would highly recommend 100% anyone to go to Harley street Clinic and be at ease that they are in amazing hands from front desk to surgeon to all medical staff.Dr Horn gave me the size that I always wanted and uplifted my confidence.”


10/10 price, 10/10 surgeon, 10/10 aftercare. Perfect.

“Had a truly delightful experience having my extended abdominoplasty with Harley Body Clinic. I had looked around and talked / had consultations with many different clinics, and decided to go with HBC. I'm so glad that I did. Dr Horn is an an absolutely amazing surgeon, I couldn't be happier with the result. He has 30+ years of experience in plastic surgery, and I decided to go with him after having a consoltation, in which he was friendly and took the time to answer all of my questions. I'm now 4 weeks post-op, and the aftercare has been brilliant every step of the way. I've had multiple free follow up appointments every week, as well a 24/7 hotline in case I have any questions. It truly is 24/7, as I have even asked questions at midnight and on Sundays! Lastly, the staff have been delightful and supportive from the moment I first called them. From the customer service representative to the nurses, everyone at Harley Body Clinic has been amazing. I couldn't reccomend this clinic more, and i would have surgery with them again as well as reccomend them to my friends if they ever need cosmetic surgery. 10/10 experience in every way I can think of. Thank you Harley Body Clinic!”

Kiran Sheth

Gynecomastia Surgery

“I had gynecomastia surgery with Harley Body Clinic 2 weeks ago now, and really really happy with the results! The service & staff were absolutely brilliant - helpful whenever I needed. Surgery went smoothly, and the final results have exceeded my expectations - couldn't recommend enough.”

Jack Shepherd

Done my gynomestia surgery 1 week ago…

“Done my gynomestia surgery 1 week ago and I am really happy with my outcome. It didn make huge difference. I would like to recommend this harley body clinic. Thanks a million eveyone.”

Khalid Sahar

Highly Recommended

“Hello! I have had Lipo before in Harley Street and done my fair share of research as well until I got to Harley Body clinic. I did my thighs..360 using HD Vaser and transferred the fat to lift my bum. Trust me when I say this got an amazing deal. The Surgeon was very polite and caring. The after care is good and informative. The Customer care is nice overall. A moment of Honesty here, It took me 2 years to come to the shape I always wanted to be in, and being here waking up to the new me I always wanted to be, feels extraordinary and it has greatly boosted my confidence. I will really try hard this time to maintain a healthy food habit and also to exercise to keep my changes for long. Harley Body Clinic Comes highly recommended 6 star service.”

Olive Scott

Had vaser lipo 4 weeks ago on upper…

“Had vaser lipo 4 weeks ago on upper lower abdomen and flanks service was great from start to finish was called next morning to see how was recommend kash”

Kashmir Singh

My experience with BA

“Iam more than happy with my experience. Everyone on staff was friendly and professional. I felt welcome and confident going into surgery. Dr. Horn did a phenomenal job. I’m only about 1 months post op, but I’m very happy with my healing and results.,Dr. Horn has so many years of experience and he is so professional that he gained my trust right away. I trusted his suggestions on what size of implants to get and he was spot on as they are perfect. The staff at the hospital treated me so well that I felt like I was staying in a VIP suite! I am very, very happy with the results! My stay in the hospital was very comfortable. They walked me through everything that was going to happen. They answered all of my questions and informed me about things I didn't even know to ask. The nurses were so compassionate and caring. When I woke up from surgery I was a little emotional and the nurse knew exactly what to do and how to handle that right away. She has me calmed down in just a few minutes. I felt very well taken care of. literally experienced ZERO pain after my breast augmentation ;) Choosing Dr horn was the best thing I’ve ever done. From start to finish everyone was absolutely amazing and so lovely, I can’t thank dr horn enough for making my dreams come true as this is something I’ve always wanted. Thank you so much..”

Maya Adam

All thanks to Dr Horn and the Harley Body Clinic team.

“Highly Recommended, Cost effective and quality care. I did my breast augmentation in October 2020 and I am more than Happy with the results. Dr Horn is an Amazing Surgeon and the aftercare was good as well. Their special offers and all inclusive packages are much affordable compared to other places. I am saying this because I have researched well and even had consultations in other clinics in Harley Street. I think Quality Treatment with reasonable pricing makes Harley Body Clinic one of the best and reliable option for liposuction and other cosmetic procedures in Harley Street.”

Sarah Bell

Gynecomastia reduction

“I went in for Gynecomastia surgery with Vaser liposuction. I had seen quite a few consultants and had been thinking about doing this surgery for a few years. I had an initial consultation with Dr. Horn and he went over what to expect, the results I could see and the recovery period. The information was consistent with most of the other consultants I had visited including costs. I was quite happy with his reviews and so decided to proceed. Around 3 weeks later I had my surgery. During the op, I was given local anesthetic. The operation itself was quite scary and you do feel some pain especially when they apply the local anesthetic and when they did Vaser around the sides. However, Both Dr. Horn and the nurses were excellent. They were very supportive during the whole procedure. The nurse kept talking to keep me distracted and provided me with juices during the surgery. The surgery itself took around two and a half hours. Afterward, they bandaged my up, put on some sticky straps and a compression vest. I was also given antibiotics to prevent infection. They kept me for an hour after surgery and then allowed me to leave. It has been 2 weeks since I had my surgery and I have had my first post-op consultation 1 week after surgery which was just to check for infections and some advice to follow. While the pain has gone down there is some swelling, I am holding judgment of my results for at least 3 months as was advised. I have 3 more check-ups left in 1,3 & 6 months Overall I am very happy I chose this surgery and was very happy with the nurses and Dr. Horn and would like to thank them for their support.”


Dr Horn and his staff are extremely…

“Dr Horn and his staff are extremely professional and friendly. I had Vaser Lipo and have to say all in all it was pretty much pain free and am amazed at the results after just two weeks I would highly recommend this clinic”

Tracy Wise

6star services thank you HBC

“Since my puberty I have always gained fat in my thighs and calf area. Strange matter in fact I had a very lean stomach like always and I had less fat deposits in the upper half of the body. I waited four years to have lipo and finally after 9 months I am seeing clearer results and I am happy with my appearance now. Thank you Harley Body Clinic satisfied with your service especial thanks to dr horn for making my expectations meet reality. Highly Recommended please use their services.”

Michelle Redman

Dr Horn was great

“Dr Horn was great Dr Horn & the assistants are very friendly and easy to get along with. Everything was done really professionally and I couldn't of went somewhere better”

Reekz Demz (LordRiko)

Not Happy

“They changed the surgery date due to some emergency of the surgeon. This is completely un professional. They informed me 5 days before and asked to reschedule. I am not happy.”


I recently had vaser lipo on my abdomen…

“I recently had vaser lipo on my abdomen and flanks with Dr Horn at HBC. From the initial consultation through the post operative appointments James and the team have been excellent (even calling to check I was ok the morning after). Dr Horn is an excellent surgeon and was supported by a really kind and brilliant nurse who reassured me throughout the procedure. The whole experience was far less traumatic than I was anticipating and I think a large part of this was due to the team at HBC. Don’t expect frills and fancies but if you want excellent medical care and a really reasonable price I would wholeheartedly recommend them.”

Lisa Wilson

I had vaser Lipo of my upper and lower…

“I had vaser Lipo of my upper and lower abdomen and flanks with Harly Body Clinic about 2 weeks ago. I am so pleased I chose to go here. The service that's been provided has been very professional and helpful from the first enquiry I made all the way through to post operation check ups. Dr Horne was fantastic at explaining everything from pre op, procudure and after care in great detail. Very friendly staff through out and a fantastic experience. Money very well spent. I am excited to see the results in the next 4-6 months. I would highly recommend for any one considering any cosmetic surgery procedure”

Mike O'Driscoll

Dr Horn

“Dr. Horn is an extremely experienced and skilled surgeon. He was upfront about the pros and cons of the surgery, which was more of a medical rather than cosmetic need. I had consulted a few others on Harley Street but none matched his professionalism or integrity. The friendly staff and the timely check-ins all added to a comforting experience. I highly recommend the doctor and the clinic.”


They deserve more than five stars

“They deserve more than five stars. After searching for a while I found that this clinic has the best prices in all UK for Vaser Lipo. I received great and excellent service from doctor and management. They will go the extra mile for customer happiness and do extra. I’m happy to say that they did more work for me than they had to which I really appreciate and once again I would like to say thanks to the doctor and manager for their great work and for the best result I got especially around the big deep scar.”

At At

I am very happy with HBC

“I had a Mini tummy tuck and Liposuction Of Arms. It is not that bad I thought it would be to begin with. Initially I was very tensed and upset and it’s been months I was not seeing significant results. On my last aftercare review appoint dr horn confidently told me to wait for another 2 months and I did and followed his instructions and I am happy and I think I have fulfilled myself and I am really very happy with the service Harley Body clinic has provided. They are very much pocket friendly, Customer Service is nice they come highly recommended.”

Sophie Thomas

I highly recommend this clinic

“I highly recommend this clinic. Had a breast augmentation by Dr Gary Horn and the results are beautiful. He listened to exactly how I wanted to look, he’s professional and just down to earth. Also Alan who was there to answer any questions or concerns I had. The whole process went smooth from the consultation to the procedure day. They were really accommodating with my needs and dates I was available. Couldn’t be happier!”

Aisha Adio

Vaser to Inner Outer Thighs was great

“Spent a lot of time figuring about going for this procedure. After doing some research I decided to go ahead with Dr. Gary Horn at Harley Body Clinic. Initial consultations were online, with one final consultation in person before fully committing. I found Dr Horn super cool and very reassuring. I'll be honest, till the date of my procedure I had butterflies going around. All Covid guidelines were strictly adhered to and everyone was really friendly and professional. And pre op checks etc were very thorough. When I walked into the theatre, music was playing and the vibe was so relaxed. Everyone was relaxed, which made me feel relaxed too. The actual procedure (done under local) was surprisingly bearable. I felt comfortable travelling home, and the discomfort over the next 36/48 hours for me was minimal and perfectly bearable. I didn't get on with the cocodamol given so just stuck to paracetamol if I needed it. Two days after the procedure I took a shower so had to take off the compression garment, and I was blown away at the change I could already see. I am honestly thrilled and cannot wait for the final results in 4 to 6 months’ time. I would highly recommend Dr Horn for this procedure. ”

Natalie Willman

Can absolutely highly recommend this clinic.

“Can absolutely highly recommend this clinic. My husband had gynaecomastia and I was concerned about my midlife tummy rolls and double chin. We had a consultation with James and Dr Dhutta and felt so impressed with both of them. Dr Dhutta gives you a realistic outcome and is extremely honest. Two weeks later my husband had his surgery. It went so well and even though he still has a bit of swelling, it has completely changed his life. He has never been swimming with our son as he has been too self conscious but he can’t wait to go swimming with him on our holiday this year. I had a mini tummy tuck and Vaser Lipo on my tummy and chin. The operation went well and Dr Dhutta, James and Fiona were lovely and made me feel at ease. I was called a few times during the first few days after the op to see how I was getting on. I went to my first check up today and everything is going well and I couldn’t believe it when they showed me my before and after pictures. I am beyond happy and that’s with the swelling, i can’t wait to see what I look like in a few months. ”

N Shore

Lovely staff and great surgeon

“Lovely staff and great surgeon. Had vaser Liposuction ”

Joy Adey

I did Breast Augmentation with HBC

“Speaking to many people and watching videos, I planned for my breast augmentation with Dr. Horn. After the initial discussion with the customer service, where things were explained on how this procedure works and what can really go wrong too. I felt more confident after speaking to Dr. Horn and went along for the surgical procedure opting for silicone implants and seriously it’s been almost two and half years and till date I didn’t face any problems. The recovery of my procedure was a bit slow to talk off but beautifully crafted breasts is what i say finally. Thank you Dr. Horn and entire team at Harley Body Clinic. ”

Sally Thomas

Happy with my Rhinoplasty and Boob Lift in the Harley Clinic

“Being a PR professional, looks are every essential in my field work. After taking recommendations from a colleague and reading reviews about Harley Body Clinic decided to go meet Dr. Horn for a consultation. With anxious heartbeat and unlimited queries, Dr. Horn made me feel relaxed and helped me take a decision. Got my Rhinoplasty treatment and the way it has turned out makes me say he is among the best cosmetic surgeons in UK. Also, the feeling of getting stares from colleagues and my BF praising me for my boobs give me immense satisfaction. I always wanted to look good and thanks to Dr. Horn I’m proud and happy. Just go with Harley Body Clinic and Dr. Horn – they are the best ! ”

Tracy Orton

I have nothing but positive things to…

“I have nothing but positive things to say about Harley Body Clinic. From the moment i stepped in for a consultation to my final follow up i was treated with respect and care. The surgeon was experienced and my surgery went without a hitch. I am extremely happy with the outcome and would highly recommend ”

Sukh Singh

I did Vaser Liposuction for Flanks Stomach, and Inner

“When you get done Liposuction by a surgeon having 20+ years’ experience the results should be good. The whole team along with Dr. Horn made me understand things in details and always kept me in loop from consultation to post care. My results are turning out great and I couldn’t be much happier. Thank you Dr. Horn ”

Natasha Harding

Vaser Lipo

“Friendly staff and reasonable prices. The surgery went well and the plastic surgeon offered reassurance and was very professional. I can't wait to see the full results, as I had the surgery only 3 weeks ago. ”


Harley Body Clinic - 5 stars from me

“Really great experience at Harley Body Clinic. The staff are lovely and friendly and really put you at ease. Have had really speedy replies on my appointments and managed to get booked in within a few weeks after my initial consultation. The surgeon was really great, the recovery period was speedy and they have you lots of support and aftercare. Would definitely recommend. ”


Not Happy

“They change their surgery date 7 days ago. I had to cancel my leaves and apply them again. This is not professional al all. ”

Rakesh Jol

Hi my name is Arun

“Hi my name is Arun . And i ve been suffering from gyno from a very long time . Than i vame to know about Harly body clinic. I ve contated them. They have explained me about the problem and the solution . So i had a surgery to fix my gynecomastia. And i am very happy with the results. Its all normal now . I m glad that i came to right place and they have really done a wonderful job. I will 100% recommend Harly body clinic . And the staff is also very sportive and helpful. They are really delivering the best service in good price . Thanks Harlay body clinic. ”

Arun Kumar

Great team working

“Great team working. Quite responsive to patients . I had gynacomastia done last Saturday . So quick they arranged the dates and experienced and professional surgeon . Well established centre. Pre / Post care was great. They build such a confidence . I extremely recommend with full confidence for approach them for cosmetic surgery . And to build the outcome was fantastic . ”

Aju Gopal

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