Buttock Implants

Summary of treatment

Procedure time 1 – 3 hours
Anesthetics local
Hospital Stay 0 night (depends on the physical condition)
Sensitivity period 1-2 weeks
Back to work 3 weeks
Full recovery 5-6 weeks
Result duration Permanent
Treatable complications swelling, bruising

Keeping a healthy body and maintaining a toned body shape is a common dream for everyone. No matter whether you are boy or a girl, having an attractive body shape is a common desire for everyone. Before, getting such a body shape was really hard but the medical research and the technological advancement in the field of medical science has really made the impossible to possible. If you struggling hard to get the perfect body line, then you can now easily opt for the surgical process. The latest technological advancement in the cosmetic surgery helps you to get your perfect size where it starts from breast, arms, belly or even buttock. Just like the other body parts, keeping a good shape of buttock is also necessary because it is another important body parts that completes your attractive body line. No matter how perfect body shape you have but if you have low volume buttock area it makes the outlook bit imperfect. So for getting your perfect look along with equal proportions of body mass buttock surgery is available at your door step. Don’t you know what is buttock surgery or buttock implant, don’t worry we are here to give you all the details. Let’s start from the basic:

What do you mean by buttock implant?

Buttock surgery is a process where an artificial device is placed at the target buttock area with an advanced surgical process. The process is also known as buttock implantation, buttock augmentation or gluteal augmentation due to the implantation process of the artificial device. Buttock implantation is one of the rapidly growing and highly demanding cosmetic surgical processes in the recent trends.

How does the buttock implantation done?

The main objective or the goal of buttock surgery is to enhance the size of buttock. In order to do so, few different approaches are followed for treating buttock. Let’s have a look into the approaches.

Fat Transfer

Fat transfer or the fat grafting procedure is the most common and effective cosmetic surgical process used for buttock augmentation. In this particular process the cosmetic surgeon sucks out the required fats through the liposuction process. Fats from other body parts such as flanks, abdomen, and thighs are taken out and then it is grafted or injected at the target buttock area. This fat transfer process either done alone or may applied in combination with other implantation method such as solid silicon implantation process.

Sculptra Buttock Uplift

The sculptra buttock up-lifting process is another effective process where artificial filler is placed at the buttock. The Sculptra filler is injected into the soft tissue of buttock to enhance the volume instantly. Later almost after few weeks or over a month, this enables more collagen formation at the injected site which naturally increases the buttock’s volume. This process requires few sessions with the implantation of multiple vial of fillers in every session. This is quite expensive process as compared to the other buttock augmentation process.

Hydrogel and Silicon Injections for Buttock

When you seek for buttock augmentation process but feel tensed for the expense, hydrogen filler injection is the right option that you can opt easily. This Hydrogel injection imparts an insta result and keeps you away from the surgical approach. Again, Silicon injections are also considered as the very effective filler injection that also imparts an instant change of buttock shape. But upon prolonged use this may cause dangerous effect so for 1 or 2 times you can take this. Moreover, if your buttock requires the application of surgical approaches to get the desire result then this Hydrogel or Silicone injections are not recommended because it cannot give you a long term sustainable result.

Solid silicon implantation

As we have already told that Silicon injection gives an instant buttock enhancement result but its prolonged use is not that safe for health. Moreover, it doesn’t impart the sustainable result. But the Silicon implants are very effective and a safe process. The solid silicon is surgically placed at the site of buttock. This is an invasive process where the cheeks of buttocks are cut and the solid silicon devices are placed. This placement may be either subcutaneous, or inserted at the inner sift tissue or may be placed in the other suitable layer of the buttock.

How many types of buttock implantation processes are available?

There are a number of implantation processes that help you to get the perfect buttock. Which option is more suitable to you is decided based on the size, shape and the need of yours. Based upon the complications or the health risks that may arise after buttock surgery, your surgeon will tell you the appropriate implantation process for you. Let us tell you about the different implants one by one:

Gel silicone implants

When it comes about the implants, gel silicones are the first name that pops up in our mind because this is considered as the most appropriate and effective implants. Silicone implants are done for those who do not have enough fat in their buttock area or possess a tight muscular body structure. This is an invasive process where a small incision is done through which the implants are placed into the operated area. This implant is placed to your buttock after a complete evaluation of the location where it will be best suited for you. It can be either the top of the buttock, center of the buttock or at the cheeks of buttock or underneath the gluteal muscles where the buttock cheeks ends up with the thighs. Usually multiple incisions are done for this process in order to place the implants at the target site for better result.

Water-based implants

Just like the gel silicone implants, water-based implants are also placed through the incision process. Based on the body types, requirement of enhancement of buttock, you surgeon will recommend you the implants type. Water based implants are injected to the target buttock area and these are safer than gel silicone implants.

How the buttock implantation process is done?

Just like the different types of buttock implants, the process of implantation or buttock surgery is also of several kinds. It can either be done through transferring fat to your buttock, it can be done through placing of implants or it can even do by combining both the process. Again, the incision patterns are also different and the appropriate pattern is chosen by the surgeon based on the following aspects such as:

  • Size and shape of buttocks
  • Your goals for opting for the buttock surgery
  • Your regular activity level
  • Elasticity of your skin
  • Quality of your skin
  • Amount of extra skin present at the site of buttock etc.

So, let us tell you about all the available processes one by one :

  • Buttock Implantation process
  • The buttock implantation processes are the most common approach for buttock augmentation. This is truly an effective process that comprises of the following steps:

    • Step 1: Application of anaesthesia
    • Since implantation is a surgical process thus application of anaesthesia or administration of proper medication is highly required to give you comfort during the surgery. Both the genral anaesthesia and the intravenous sedation can be applied in this case and this choice of administrating anaesthesia or sedatives is solely decided by the surgeon based upon your health condition, shape and size of buttock and the amount of implants to be placed.

    • Step 2: The process of incision
    • Based upon the area of placing the implants, incision is done. It can be done either at the top of the both buttock, or it can be done underneath the gluteal creases where the buttock cheeks meets with upper thighs. Incisions between both the buttock cheeks or at the centre of sacrum are also done. The length and scars of this incision vary among different individuals based on the volume of area to be operated.

    • Step 3: Placement of the implant
    • The implantation process involves proper incision, insertion and positioning of the implants. Based upon the criticality of the affected area, volume of the buttock, desirable shape and size of augmented buttock, skin tone, and skin elasticity etc., the implants are chosen carefully. Silicone or water-based implants are generally used for buttock augmentation where the implants are placed through proper incision. It is placed either in the muscle or is placed at the gluteal muscle of both the buttock


Buttock Implants Price
Buttock Implants Offer £7,999 / £9,500
Buttock Implants with One Night Stay Offer £8,499 / £10,500

Our Patient’s Before-After Photo

Our Patient’s Before-After Photo

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