Get That Figure You Always Wanted

With size zero dominating consciousness, it is no longer desirable to look cuddlesome or be an armful. People are no longer comfortable with their own bodies and are being brainwashed into thinking that they must necessarily give Sharon Stone or Arnold Schwarzneiger a run for their money in the figure department. This has resulted in many people resorting to extreme measures to gain and then maintain that dream figure.

Still certain parts of the body tend to be resistant to dietary and exercise regimens. Body sculpting via Vaser or Vaser Lipo is relatively safer and less painful options to contour them according to one’s dreams. So what is Vaser?

Vaser or Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance is the trade name for an ultrasound-assisted liposuction system for body contouring. During Vaser procedure, fatty tissues are extracted from your body by using sound waves.

The sound energy of the sound waves gets transmitted through small probes to emulsify targeted fat cells. These sound waves enter the holes and vibrate rapidly to produce ultrasound energy which penetrates inside your body breaking the cellular membrane and discharges the lipid content.

Liposuction is perhaps the most well-known cosmetic surgical procedure for fat reduction. With the introduction of this method of reducing fat, many people have opted for liposuction over the years.

Vaser Lipo was developed in response to this demand. Vaser Lipo or Vaser ultrasound-assisted liposuction uses specially designed probes that deliver ultrasound waves into the fat layer to selectively target and emulsify (liquefy) fat. Other body tissues like blood vessels and nerves are left intact.

Vaser Lipo enjoys certain advantages over the traditional liposuction methods like power-assisted liposuction, laser-assisted liposuction and suction-assisted liposuction. These could range from no burns and no complications to minimal blood loss and improved skin retraction. Since only small access incisions of 3 – 4 mm are required there are no damages to the skin incision sites or contour irregularities or prolonged swelling. can be removed if not, the blog is incomplete one.

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