Vaser Liposuction

VASERLipo is the most advanced technique of liposuction surgery that uses ultrasound wavelengths for fat reduction and body contouring; which is the most minimally invasive and efficient cosmetic surgery to have a flatter and better toned body.

Harley Body Clinic offers a pioneering medical team of highly experienced plastic surgeons offering Vaser Liposuction in London. The surgery is conducted under day care facility (local anaesthesia) and patients can go home the same day of surgery- no hospital stay!

What is VASER Lipo?

VASERLipo is actually the workstation for performing ultrasound liposuction, which delivers pulsed ultrasonic wavelengths through the specially designed liposuction cannula. The ultrasonic wavelengths vibrate into the skin and melts down the deep layers of stubborn fat without harming any surrounding nerves, collagen and blood vessels.

The ultrasound mechanism of VASERLipo assists the surgeon with better precision and control while separating the fat, mandating a more predictable and natural body contouring, individualistic to different body types and structures. Furthermore VASER Liposuction can achieve a significant muscle definition with VASER Hi Def / 4D probes, creating six pack abs, turtle tummy etc.

Vaser liposuction is unanimously chosen by plastic and cosmetic surgeons in the United Kingdom over the traditional manual procedure of liposuction for a number of advantages including:

  • General Anesthetic is not required
  • Minimally invasive – Minimum damage to blood vessels and other tissue.
  • Less swelling, bruising and faster recovery compared to traditional Liposuction.
  • Minimal Downtime – Walk-in Walk-out. No hospital stay required.
  • Stimulates collagen production in skin, resulting in skin tightening.

Problem Areas treatable with Vaser

It often happens for both men and women that despite being lean or slender and nearest to their ideal body weight, there appears little pockets of fat in selective regions that sort of sticks out, hindering what could have been a well contoured body. The most common of these problem areas can be a stomach pouch; gaining stubborn bulges after child birth; thunder thighs; bingo wings, cellulite and gynecomastia or male breasts.

While losing weight, inches and dress sizes are the most obviously overwhelmed causes addressed by the majority, body contour, or the very structural shape and definition of the body is an evenly significant problem area.

These bulging areas can be extremely stubborn and seemingly impossible to shift with dieting and exercising alone, or sometimes the person just cannot take a vigorous workout regime.

Ideal Candidacy

The surgery is ideal for patients who are:

  • Around 2stones/20pounds/10Kgs their ideal body weight and having well skin turgidity and are seeking for a contoured appearance of their figure and not weight loss.
  • Are generally healthy and agreeable to stick to a diet and exercising routine to stay in shape and fitness.
  • Are not afflicted with any heart, kidney, blood disorders or diseases that could impair with the surgery.
  • Are not smokers or agreeable to refrain from smoking till the indicated timeframe before and after having surgery. Procedure

VASER Liposuction procedure follows the same course of the traditional process. The minimally invasive surgery is conducted on an local anaesthesia and as a day care basis. Ultrasound waves are created by the Vaser workstation and emitted through the attached microcannulas that create a vibration underneath skin and between the fat layers, gradually melting it till deep layers in lesser time than the manual process. The Vaser probes also eliminates the need for vigorous manual poking of the cannula, allowing a surgeon more control and ease to reach problem areas and maintain an evened removal of the complete fat, with even lesser risk on damaging any nerves or collagen.

After Surgery

After the surgery, the patient is moved out of the operating room and is located at a comfortable room to rest. Patients are expected to be up and about within a few hours after the surgery if they had local anaesthetic alone, but may need an overnight stay if they have had IV sedation or general anaesthesia.

Patients will be heavily padded with absorbable pads and worn compression garments to wear all the time for the first few days in order to seep out any remaining fluid after the surgery.

Patients are advised to arrange for someone to accompany them home and stay with them for first days and the period of sensitivity.

Expect certain amount of swelling, and soreness after the surgery which can gradually subside by 7-10 days. A small course of antibiotics is prescribed by the surgeons to prevent infection. Mild to moderate pain killers are prescribed for usage on necessity. Anti inflammatory drugs maybe prescribed on occasions of delay in subsiding of the swelling, but it is advisable to give it the time to subside on its own naturally, the subsiding of the swelling takes varied time spans for each patient.

Flying and long journeys causing fatigue is not a good option within the first few days after surgery.

Jogging, exercising and strenuous movement should be avoided till the indicated time. Light walking might be indicated to subside swelling better.

Patients are most likely to get back to work within 2weeks after a day care liposuction surgery, in case of large volume surgery; it may take several more days to get back to work.

Final Results

Final Results are likely to show up by the end of 3-4months. Which shall presumably appear flatter and firmer. The appearance of final result may persist further than the 4-month time frame, since the surgery works differently for varied patients.

Disclaimer – Result can vary from person to person


I must say the friendly and professional surgeons have done an amazing job with my abdomen area. Everyone is noticing the changes mentionably which is making me glad. I am overwhelmed that I took this chance. Hope to visit them again with some other areas too.

– Jim

I have had consulted Harley Body Clinic for an arm liposuction. Though I have many more problem areas, I wanted to test the outcome starting with my arms.The surgery was easy and I am so pleased with my results. A sure shot recommendation to my friends.

– Stephanie

I was usually thin and lean, but the post delivery weight is just sitting upright tight, inspite of whatever I did or tried. Presently saying, I am really glad that I took that decision of coming to Harley Body Clinic. I would certainly recommend about them.

– Jane

I am 35 years old and had a bulging tummy which I maintained and corrected, but saw no chance of getting a full fledged 6 pack abs however hard I try. I underwent VASER Hi Def and have a toned body which I am quite happy about. A complete thumps up from my side.

– Philip

I felt really hesitant whenever I had to open my shirt in the beach area with the persistent problem of my expanded chest area. My brother recommended Harley Body clinic. Post procedure, I am confident like never before.

– Adrian

Right from the beginning of the consultation till the completion of the procedure, I am taken care of so well. It is great to be understood and heard about when in trouble. They assured full transparency in the costings to the procedure undertaken.

– Austin

This is not the first time that I have visited Harley Body Clinic. I continue to come here for retouch sessions as per needed. The surgeons just get me so well. They have free consultation sessions which is a great way to get familiarized with the process.

– Mark

Vaser FAQ:

Ans. Inch loss is not a potential target for Vaser liposuction. You may or may not lose any inches or dress size. What is obvious with this surgery is that you will lose the excess fat and gain a contoured of the body. And a better contour is not simultaneous to inch loss. Sometimes, the ultrasound vibrations can melt down some amount of fat between the muscles, without the surgeon even touching that depth with the cannula, but this potential benefit cannot be counted upon. So even after subsequent localized fat reduction, your measures may remain the same.

Ans. This is because Vaser Liposuction works with localised and superficial skin layers. Localized fat might be the cause of certain bulginess, but the dimensions of the body and body weight is contributed by muscle and bone structure and muscle fat, which is not wholly covered by a liposuction surgery, because muscle fat remains deeper in the body and closer to organs, removing them with a cannula is unsystematically dangerous.

Ans. This is because of the aneasthesia applied before the surgery. The intravenous injection of the local anaesthesia mixed with tumescent agent shrinks blood vessels and nerves to stiffen and resist against the probes. Meanwhile, the fat deposits won’t get this benefit, and the anaesthesia will rather more expose the fat to the liposuction probes. Hence invasiveness can be avoided for nerves and surrounding while fat can be melted like butter.

Ans. Vaser Liposuction doesn’t differ from other liposuction techniques, the timeframe for the first appearance of final results can be 4weeks to 4months after surgery, depending on the volume of fat removed, and the treatable area.

Ans. No, Vaser Liposuction does not hurt. You won’t feel any pain or discomfort during the surgery. However, the first night after surgery patients feel pain and soreness, when the anaesthetics wear off, the extent of which depends on the patient’s sensitivity and tolerance. The surgeon gives pain relievers and stays at close call for any assistance.

Ans. No, this is because of the fat cells elimination from the area where once removed, these cells do not return or develops. However if the patients seize their exercise routine, and resume binge eating or poor diet habits, it can further create bulging areas, especially the untreated regions just next to the treated regions.

Ans. 5-6lites, which makes for a large volume fat reduction. This requires general anaesthesia or IV sedation or both, at least 1 day or more hospital stay and a prolonged downtime and post operative care.

Prices For Vaser Liposuction

Vaser Prices
Vaser Liposuction consultation FREE
One Area Offer £1,990 / £3,000
Two Areas Offer £2,990 / £4,000
Three Areas Offer £3,990 / £6,000
Four Areas Offer £4,990 / £7,500
One Area under general anaesthetic Offer £3,200 / £3,900
Two Areas under general anaesthetic Offer £4,400 / £5,300
Three Areas under general anaesthetic Offer £5,600 / £6,500
Four Areas under general anaesthetic Offer £6,800 / £7,700
Five areas under general anaesthetic Offer £8,000 / £9,000
Vaser Mid-Def, Vaser Hi-Def or Vaser Hi-Volume POC

Disclaimer : The results of surgical and other procedures may vary from patients to patients. Whilst all our treatments are carried out professionally providing highest ethical standard and consistent quality care to all our patients, permanent results cannot be guaranteed.

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