Corona Virus

Now, you don’t need to worry anymore because NHS and the Public Health England (PHE) have taken the well organized early preventive actions to fight with the newly discovered Corona virus outbreaks. NHS has taken all the necessary preventive measures for providing better safety to the patients as well as to the medical staffs followed by ensuring the well protected healthcare services to public.

Publics are moderately susceptible to this highly infectious outbreak of Corona virus. During this outbreak if you have been out station and have just arrived to UK then you must know and obey the specific rules those have been set to deal with this Corona virus outbreaks. You may advise to go back if you will get diagnosed as corona virus carrier. To know more about this preventive measures and rules set to control the outbreaks please visit where you will get all the minute details of advices those have been told to the returning travelers.

  • If you have been there in Hubei providence of China within the last 14 days even if you do not have any symptoms of infection.
  • If you have been to Northern Italy or in Iran or in any other specific care zone areas in South Korea since 19th February, 2020, then please follow the preventive actions.
  • You might have been to South Korea or in Mainland China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Macau or in any places of northern Italy like Florence, Pisa and in Rimini for last 14 days. If so, and if you are suffering from high temperature followed by cough and breathing trouble then you must do the specific medical tests to identify whether you have been infected or not.
  • Have you been in any close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with corona virus infection? Then please do not forget to follow the preventive measures.

If you have faced any of the above condition then do not visit Harley Body Clinic, a GP surgery, Pharmacy or Hospital. Call at 111, stay indoors and stay away from other peoples. Remember that the door of Harley Body Clinic is always open for you even if you have missed your appointment schedule. Your safety and well being is our primary concern which is as same as yours.

Dr. Gary Horn

“My advice for everyone to stay calm and follow the recommendation or advice published by the Department on Health and Social Care. This is often updated a day at around 2pm. Please visit at”

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