Gaining weight after liposuction

The process of a liposuction surgery involving the injection of a certain amount of tumescent anaesthesia into the treatable area and then inserting a cannula separating fat from the skin layers results in a certain swelling immediately after the surgery and lasting some days, so patients often fret that the surgery has made them fat and gain weight.

The swelling mainly consists of bodily fluids swelling up the capillaries. However, as time goes by and the swelling subsides; the results appear that the particular treatable area would be firm, flat and well contoured.

Yes, the fat does come back, but never on the same area. As it appears to be that the cells of some neighboring region swells up as a shock to the surgery, while the patients are given some time to rest and refrain from exercising instantaneously, during this period the neighboring regions can catch the fat accumulation. As patient’s become more active and conscious of their diet supplements, the weight can be reduced and it isn’t that stubborn.

The area that is treated is usually flat and firm for a longer period of time, but it is not predictable that the area would stay so for a lifetime. The fat gaining, which is usually genetic cannot be prevented with a liposuction surgery but one be removed. There is not surety the fat removed is permanent, but often it becomes permanent that the treated area remains flat and firm for a longer period of time.

Next is age. Usually as enthusiastic and energetic we are during our 20s and 30s might not carry forward the same to our 40s often people want to enjoy their lives as much as they want to stay fit. And it is human physiology that our bodies change with due course of time, so our regimes are required to be tried harder. And maintaining the weight becomes a bigger challenge.

It doesn’t patents that after patients will gain weight after a liposuction surgery, but the fact is that the liposuction is not going to stop or prevent it from happening. And the swelling of capillaries is not weight gaining, and in this place lymphatic zonal massage therapies work wonders in flattening the areas and keeping them firm and its more relaxing than dieting and exercising too.

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