The new form of fat removal recently introduced in cosmetic surgery is VaserLipo, which breaks down the walls of fatty cells with the help of ultrasound waves as compared to the traditional way of liposuction which is less painful. The fatty deposits are aspirated out through the small incisions made by the surgeon.

One may have concerns and questions regarding this new form of removal of fat prior to the treatment and we have created this page exclusively to answer a few of the worries with our specialists expert advice and banish the myths behind this procedure.

If you don’t find the answer to any of your question below, feel free to get in touch with us. We are happy to help out.

No. It is not necessary to put any patient to sleep during the whole procedure as with the help of Local Anaesthesia, which will be injected into the targeted area, one most possibly does not feel any pain throughout the procedure and thanks to oral sedatives and painkillers making one feel relaxed.

Harley Body Clinic has no hidden costs involved and the price quoted by us for the procedure of VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection supports the clinical photographs, support garment, all the other follow up visits and all applicable taxes.

One can undergo this procedure, if provided the hormone levels are being stabilized by medications.

No. Our clinic in London Harley Street currently offers VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection, but however we can receive any of your consultation with Harley Body Clinic surgeon at any locations in London.

No. The only solution for treating the deposits of fat under the eyes are done by mesotherapy injections or Blepharoplasty surgery.

No. We only treat patients in Harley Street at our Harley Body Clinic. It is a private and discrete doctors surgery.

Normally it is being advised by our surgeons at Harley Body Clinic to wear support garments for 24 hours/day for the first few weeks and to keep the bandages for about week or two after the VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection procedure. The traditional Liposuction is highly inconvenientfor the clients as it creates haematomas (blood clots) by rupturing the veins which requires compression bandages to be worn for another four weeks or more as compared to VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection, less traumatic for the connective tissues, blood vessels and nerve endings where the swelling and bruising is significantly reduced.

Yes. One needs to be in good health, have good eating habits, ideally carry out regular exercise and weight should not exceed 25% of the ideal weight. Heart, kidneys, liver and blood should be free from any sort of disorder without any heavy dependence on anticoagulants. Taking steroids or anti-inflammatory medications should be avoided for a few days where one’s medical history should be discussed during the consultation at Harley Body Clinic to confirm whether one is suitable for VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection procedure.

No. It can be assumed that balance dieting and proper exercising are the best solution and approach for treating obesity. SmartLipo, traditional Liposuction and VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection procedures are not meant for significant weight loss.

Vaser Hi Def, LipoVaser and Vaser Lipolysis are the few other names for this same technology and procedure for VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection.

No. VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection have been treating thousands of clients since March 2001 and is approved by the FDA worldwide in the US, but very recently in 2008, it has been introduced in UK. Harley Body Clinic amongst the very few experienced in the county to offer this procedure.

This treatment is for any age candidates, but people who are aged from 18 – 80 have mostly benefited from VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection. The good results are more dependent on health, skin tone and level of physical activity than that of biological age.

For our client’s convenience, we operate VASER Lipo ® System procedures from Monday to Sunday offering evening and weekend consultations as well, so one doesn’t have to take time off from work for this.

We provide consultation with any of our partners across London, Sunderland, Newcastle, Sheffield with a Harley Body Clinic’s surgeon for VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection.

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