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Vaser for Men

Several men seek to have a toned body. With the Vaser Lipo therapy guys may encounter great results.

How is Vaser Lipo beneficial for guys?

The particular deposition techniques used for men vary from those meant for females. Actually, females obtain much more body fat in the upper thighs, sides, and tummy; whereas guys get their body fat within the upper body region and also on top of the particular stomach. Due to the very dense body fat guys encounter greater results once they go through the particular Vaser Liposuction therapy, a process which transfers the ultrasonic power dunes towards the cells to break up the body fat as well as remove it.

What does it do?

This new technique provides men with toned six-pack abdominal muscles. For a man, Vaser may be the minimum intrusive way of getting rid of extra fat in their specified areas and also the upper part of the body. The advantage of this technique is that a man actually avails natural-looking results that the traditional liposuction therapy could not provide.


The areas covered:

Vaser Lipo for men treats the area around the throat and also encounter places to get rid of extra greasy debris across the jaw-line. The tummy and the region impacted by gynaecomastia can be treated.

The therapy Period and also Recuperation Period:

Most importantly, the therapy requires less than 2 hrs and you can get back the next day. But this depends on the quantity of body fat removed and also on the amount of places treated.


The after effects are quite less. There are slight skin damage, inflammation, and also bumps. But there is absolutely no issue of re-gaining fat if you follow all the recommended workouts and diet programs.

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