Hair Transplant

A hair transplant surgery is performed usually for hair restoration on partial baldness and receding hair lines. A hair transplant surgery is normally done using the patient’s own hair ideally from the back of the scalp and above the ears under two distinct methods: Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

At Harley Body Clinic, hair transplant surgeries are considered under a consultation session which our surgeons regard the most. At the consultation the surgeons meet and build a smooth communication while assessing the patient’s medical history, current hair as well as health condition and future expectations from the surgery. The consultation allows the surgeon to understand the patient as well as the patient to believe in the surgeon and this understanding is maintained at Harley Body Clinic so as to deliver a successful surgery every time much to our patient’s satisfaction and build up our stature as the best hair transplant clinic in London.

There are two hair transplant procedures – FUT and FUE which involves their own process to basically extract the hair from its very roots (follicles) that are genetically resistant to balding that is regarded as the donor site and implant the same to the balding area regarded as the recipient site.

Key Factors For A Successful Hair Transplant Surgery:

1 Donor Site – To have a hair transplant surgery, the patient requires an amount of hair that is typically found at the back of the scalp because no other area in one’s body grows hair that is as resistant to baldness. The hair at the back of one’s scalp is the mostly androgen-independent which means in most baldness cases some density of hair will remain at the back of the scalp. This area is regarded as the donor site. Say, there may be some hair still at the center of your scalp, but surgeons choose the back of the scalp as the patent donor area because the hair in the center of your scalp might be there now, but it’s not androgen-independent is in fact be in the line to fall off eventually no matter where you plant it.

2 Recipient Site – The recipient site is the victim area of the scalp that may barren of the hair there once waved. The donor hair is implanted to the recipient sites making small horizontal (lateral) slits to the bald area of the scalp with the use specialized needles and super fine blades perfectly designed for purpose and ultimate control to the surgeon. Vertical or straight punctures can also be made to plant the hair grafts, but the lateral slits prove more grip of the grafts.

3 Donor Dominance – The term indicates that the hair extracted from the donor site may dominate the recipient site, and won’t respond to androgenic imbalance and will grow as normally they were growing at their original place that is the back of the scalp. If it’s the other way around, it is usually recipient dominance. But in general cases donor dominance is more than recipient dominance. In the end of the day, your hair is supposed to retain the density as close to your expectations.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) – Is the traditional process by which a strip of skin is cut off from the donor area and the containing hair dissected and grafted into 2-5 hair strands and planted to the recipient making lateral slits. The wound at the donor site is closed and sutured leaving a linear scar which will be hidden under upper layers of hair, and the scar will heal and fade off in a month or two, given the fine suturing by our surgeons.

Once donor strip is surgically removed or harvested from the donor site, it is sliced into very thin pieces under a stereo microscope and the hair follicles are extracted and divided into 2-5 strands of hair grafts. Once they are ready to be transplanted, the grafts are stored in cold storage and made hard for maximum safety from damage.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) – Is the one of the latest procedure of plucking an individual hair follicle from the donor site using a micro punch and implanting the same to the recipient site with a super fine needle. This is an extremely strenuous process which can also use your body hair your legs, arms and chest as the donor site. There are process of manual and motorized FUE, which have their own benefits and purposes depending over the type of baldness.

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