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” I finally had a Vaser Liposuction surgery to my arms, tummy and flanks at Harley Body Clinic in London. This wasn’t as plain and simple and the soreness after surgery was really terrible. Apart from the sensitivity period, I am quite pleased that my areas are coming of pretty firm and better toned. I didn’t expect to lose dress sizes, although I did actually drop 2 sizes, for which I feel really excited. ”

Jennifer Jones, London

” I had a strange problem where my brow line appeared like that of a gorilla which wasn’t really droopy as in an aging sign. I consulted Harley Body Clinic out of curiosity and wasn’t really aiming for any treatment or surgery, but my surgeon showed me really inspiring before and after images, that I eventually opted for a brow lift surgery. I am really glad I had took the plunge, my eye line is a lot different in a good way. I would definitely recommend Harley Body Clinic, for a brow lift surgery. ”

Emma Poole, Brisbane

“I am very pleased with my nose job surgery at Harley Body Clinic. My results are quite different from what I expected it to be, there is virtually no sign of having surgery, and my surgeon just corrected the little bump on my nose, which was quite odd, but now that it is gone, I can feel a dramatic lift of my mood and expressions. ”

Katherine Clarke, Glasgow

“I had a hair transplant surgery through the FUT procedure at Harley Body Clinic, which I am really pleased about. I have a moderate coverage to my receding hair line, after about an year of wait.”

Allan Jenning, London

“I regularly have Botulinum toxin contained injections at Harley Body Clinic, and my surgeon knows exactly what is best. I had Botulinum toxin contained for thrice in about 2years now, and my face looks rather relaxed and supple, than that stretchy plastic appearance. It’s really nice to be understood.”

Jacqueline, London

“Figuring out what to do about my vanishing curves after child birth, only to be replaced with shapelessness, I took the free consultation session offered by Harley Body Clinic. I ended up having a Vaser Liposuction surgery to my abs, flanks, buttocks and outer thighs, I also had cellulite treatments. I don’t see any major changes in my size, yet still, I am now well pleased with the better contour of my figure, I can’t complain it’s shapeless anymore.”

Dolores Austin, London

“Coming home after college got me really slumped and slouchy, and I added a few pounds. I thought I could always get liposuction, and sort of enjoyed the laziness. I met a plastic surgeon incidentally at a social event, when he said that I cannot benefit from a liposuction surgery alone. I found my way to Harley Body Clinic, and found faith in my surgeon who was friendly and really easy going. He also said that I might still be fitting as a candidate to have a liposuction surgery but it is not the solution to my problem.I entered a fitness regime recommended by my surgeon, and surprisingly it wasn’t as fatiguing and tiring as they say. I actually enjoyed the morning walks and fruit salads. I had a Vaser Liposuction surgery at multiple areas, my boobs, arms, abdomen, buttock, and flanks. I had to take IV sedation and 2nights stay at the hospital, which was really traumatic, the pain and soreness lasted for like 4-5days, the swelling took almost 2 weeks to subside and wasn’t seeing any difference till a month. I had everything, from the lymphatic zonal massage, proper dieting, morning walks and lots of liquid, everything my surgeon told me to. I took me about 4months to see a visible change in my structure. I like it, how it is now, won’t say it has made me flat but definitely firm and I completely lost that jingling effect in my tummy and flanks. My skin is tight and curvaceous. It has been a great journey to achieve this transformation, and I am really happy with my decision.”

Evelyn O’Brian, London

“I had Vaser Hi Def Liposuction to my chest and abs, twice to get to this result, where I have a particularly lean and flat chest and abdomen, I would say the “definition of the musculature” wasn’t as realistic as I had expected it to be, but I could really work it out with some cardio and abs training, and it wasn’t a vigorous effort really. All in all I am happy with the surgery for its little part of getting me rid of excess fat, it certainly speed up my regime to achieve the kind of body I wanted.”

Jes Price, Kingston

“I had consulted Harley Body Clinic several times in the past, needing different things at different times, I was unhappy with my nose, my bulge, my tired face. I spoke to many surgeons at Harley Body Clinic, as well as other cosmetic clinics in London. But I found a sort of comfort zone at Harley Body Clinic, where my surgeon took me seriously and my problems, and motivated me to consider that surgery wasn’t the solution to all my problems. I did have some procedures though; I had skin peel procedure and a nose job first. My surgeon worked with my nasal bones to structure it straight that’s all he did he did not remove any skin or did not make my nose slimmer; he just got this waviness of my nose bridge away. I had skin peeling on my face and neck, and arms, for three times in a year, and that was all I needed to feel more confident and self sustained. I am going to have Vaser Liposuction to the mid region of the body, and I have a feeling this too, will come off as satisfactory.”

John Jackson, Westmister

“I have had a SMAS Facelift at Harley Body Clinic, I still can’t figure out what was it that my surgeon done. As for the results I am really happy and motivated that my fright and skepticism for cosmetic surgery has drastically changed. I feel really confident and energetic to go to work every morning, and there is some everyday to tell me how beautiful and different I look, but no one has ever pointed me out that I had a surgery done. May be it is because that my skin elasticity was really not so lax or the sheer talent of my surgeon, that my results look extremely natural.”

Lia, Tolworth

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