Breast Reduction

Even as full volume breasts are majorly desired, larger breasts can also be a problem for some in which many women may feel uncomfortable.

Breast Reduction or Reduction Mammoplasty surgery ideally meets this problem that is able to safely reduce the size of large breasts and brings to a proportion with the body without hampering the essential fullness and volume of the breasts.

Breast Reduction for women is performed at Harley Body Clinic with ultrasound assisted VASER Liposuction. The VASER Lipo probes gently almost reduces the breast fat in the most minimally invasive way, followed by a manual correction of the tissue viability and nipple areola complex to achieve a more normal bust-to-body proportion in usual cases.

Causes and Problems Associated with Large Breasts

The cause of excessively large breasts or macromastia basically is a condition of breast hypertrophy which includes either or both of excessive fat deposit and overdevelopment of mammary glands. Breast ptosis can also be present in conjunction with breast hypertrophy, wherein the nipple areola complex can droop over downwards to the inframammary fold.

Mild breast hypertrophy usually ranges around 300gms larger than the ideal breast-to-body proportion based on the individual’s height and ideal body mass. Moderate hypertrophy can be more than 300gms to 800gms, while severe breast hypertrophy can be up to 4lbs weighing one breast. The enlargement can occur in either or both the breasts.

The acute problem associated with the conditions of extra large breasts and the heavy weight is that it can cause recurring chronic back, shoulder and neck pain.

Large breasts can also be a social problem wherein it attracts unwelcome attention. It causes major obstruction while exercising; participating and performing certain sports, dancing and such movement oriented activities.

Other than that women experience a constant discomfort and uneasiness with the heaviness of large breasts as well as difficulty finding the right fit and size of dresses as well as bra and feeling free in all kinds of clothes.

What is Expected from Breast Reduction

The patients can expect a reduced breast size without losing the essential fullness and firmness. To achieve the cosmetic goals, the breast reduction techniques can either involve liposuction, which is performed using standard VASER Liposuction, as the gentle precision of the ultrasonic vibration can selectively reduce excess fat and adipose tissues from the breasts with minimal invasiveness.

For some patients who have the same problems associated with large breasts, we might not readily recommend them to have a breast reduction surgery. This applies for patients who are over-weight, we encourage such patients to first lose weight and get somewhere around their ideal body mass and they might often benefit with some breast reduction in an organic way with dieting and exercising.

Young women, below the age of 20 can also have problems of overlarge breasts below the age of 20. In that case we encourage you to allow some more time before you consider surgery. The procedure for women aged above 24.

At the Consultation

Your general health condition will be assessed in the first place. Then your elected surgeon would assess size and contour of your breast to determine factors such as the cause of your enlarged breasts, the fatty deposits and skin elasticity; whether you have any cysts or lumps in your breast at present or had in the past, tendencies of nipple discharge, as well as whether there are any cases of breast cancer associated with your immediate family.

Smokers are instructed to refrain from it, at least 4-6 weeks prior to the surgery; and several more weeks after the surgery.

The Procedure

The surgery can be performed under general or local anesthesia based on the patient’s condition. In case the candidate has any sagginess in the breast, it is corrected with breast uplifting techniques wherein the irreparably sagging skin is removed and the areola is replaced to a higher position. In many cases, both the factors of excess fat and minor sagginess can be corrected with Vaser Liposuction alone, on an outpatient basis.

The surgical process involves a periareolar incision or vertical incision for removing excess tissues from the pedicles of the breasts, and elevating the nipple areola complex to match the new breast projection. The pedicle of the breast regards to the issues of blood supply and nerve connectivity that reflects on the incision and from where the tissues and fat is removed. The Pedicles of Breast Include

  1. Inferior Pedicle addresses the lower portion of the breast
  2. Superior Pedicle is the upper portion of the breast
  3. Central Pedicle the sides and around the nipple and areola

VASER Liposuction is used in this surgery with the target of removing the fat from the breasts. This process involves inserting the VASER probe into the breast pedicle and gently moving the probe to dislodge superficial fatty tissues. The surrounding nerves and mammary ducts are left intact while the excess fat is drained out of the breast.

If the condition of the enlarged breast is largely due to breast fat, and the patient is slender and in their ideal body weight with good skin elasticity and minor or no sagginess, then VASER Liposuction alone can be ideal to achieve the targeted goals of reducing the breast size, with or without the need to reposition the nipple-areola complex. There will be no virtual scars with this surgery save for the pin prick incisions that are likely to fade off within 2 weeks or so.

Recovery and Final Results

The breast is bandaged in gauze and a supportive compression bra is to be worn for all time for a whole week or up to the indicated time as instructed by the surgeon. You will be scheduled for post-operative and follow up sessions to assist you during healing and recovery, and maintain all the right measures for acquiring the best results.

The downtime depends on the course of the procedure, for the swelling to subside that could be from 2weeks to a whole month.

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