Breast Augmentation / Enlargement

Summary of treatment

Procedure time 1 – 2 hours Risks & Complications
Anaesthetic General Scarring, bruising, swelling, infection, asymmetry, capsular contracture.
Hospital stay 0-1 nights
Sensitivity period 1 week
Back to work 1 week
Full recovery 4 weeks
Duration of results Permanent

If you wish your breasts had more volume, for a fuller or contoured look, breast augmentation surgery may offer the enhancement you seek. Breast augmentation (augmentation mammoplasty) uses breast implants to notably augment a woman’s breast volume. It can also improve the structure of breasts for a healthy, voluptuous look.

Breast enhancement involves surgery to increase the size, fullness and shape of the breasts. There are many women who wish to change the shape/size of their breasts because they feel discontented with the current shape or size of their breasts. The most common reasons why women choose to augment their breast size are:

  • Small breasts.
  • Appearance of breasts has changed due to weight loss.
  • Due to pregnancy breasts have lost volume and firmness.
  • Feeling of self-consciousness wearing a clothing such as a swimsuit or form-fitting top.
  • Breasts are asymmetrical in size or shape.
  • Wishing to achieve hourglass figure.

Our surgeon will increase the size of the patient’s breasts by using silicone implants and also help patients to achieve balance of breast and hip contours. He will advocate where to place the implants so that the patient gets stunning symmetrical breasts.

Breast Augmentation: Your consultation

There are different options to consider when you want to undergo breast augmentation surgery. During your consultation, our surgeon would like to know what changes you would like to see in your breasts and will discuss various options available.

Like all the procedures our surgeon performs, the treatment our surgeon recommends will be extremely individualized, designed and refined in line with your individual body form and size. During the consultation, the surgeon will examine your breasts, evaluating their shape, size and skin tone, as well as nipple placement. He also will take some pictures, so that post-surgery, they can be compared with your original appearance.

Breast Augmentation: The procedure

The implants we use are made from silicone and these implants are placed either beneath the chest muscle or behind the breast tissue. The implants are available in numerous shapes and sizes, but our surgeon can assist you to decide which is right for you.

Breast augmentation incisions are typically small and created in one among three locations:

  • Inframammary: below the breast, simply on top of the fold
  • Periareolar: on the lower fringe of the areola of the breast
  • Transaxillary: beneath the arm within the folds of the bodily cavity

During the consultation every procedure will be discussed with you and the surgeon will also advise what he thinks is best suited for you, taking account of your individual anatomy and private preference.

A pocket for the implant is created. This pocket is created either below the pecs muscle or directly behind the breast tissue. Our surgeon would try and do it beneath the muscle when doable in primary breast enhancement. When the pocket is made, the implant is then inserted and therefore the incision carefully closed.

The surgery usually takes an hour to complete and is performed under general anesthetic. In certain cases, an overnight stay in the hospital might be required.

Breast Augmentation: Before Your Surgery

  • We recommend you stop smoking 2 weeks before your surgery to assist healing and cut back the danger of infection.
  • Surgeon needs to be informed of any medication you might be taking e.g., blood thinner, which might be required to be stopped for a short span of time pre and post-surgery.
  • Where general anesthetic is performed, you are required not to eat or drink for around 6 hours prior to surgery. You will receive advice, both from your anesthetist and surgeon regarding this well in advance of your surgery.

Breast Augmentation: Surgery Day

  • You need to reach the hospital one hour before your surgery.
  • In the presence of the Surgeon you need to sign a consent form and he will answer any last minute queries you may have

Breast Augmentation: After Your Surgery

If you find swelling and bruising later, please understand, this is normal and everything will normalize in a few days.

In the early morning if you feel pain in the chest please understand, this is normal and this sensation will subside gradually. You will be given painkillers to care of the discomfort and antibiotics will be provided as well.

  • You will find minimal scarring which will gradually disappear over time and form white lines which are hardly noticeable. Incisions are small and made within the folds of bodily cavity which is nearly invisible to the naked eye.
  • Post your surgery any intense activity should be avoided for nearly six weeks. The first eight weeks you will be required to wear a sports bra 24*7. After 8 weeks you can stop wearing sports bra during the night. We recommend for the first two weeks you don’t lift weights or drive. You can start exercising after 45 days of the surgery. The surgeon will advise you personally regarding recovery since recovery varies from patient to patient.
  • It is important that you attend the review consultation with the surgeon which will be scheduled between 7-10 days after your procedure.

What to Consider

Before you give your approval for breast augmentation surgery, it is imperative that during your consultation you discuss the various options available, complications and risks as well. Keeping realistic expectations will always make you happy with the outcome. In certain cases, changes are not that great and symmetry may not always be achieved.

What should I expect from my results?

If you went into breast augmentation with realistic expectations, you’ll most likely be very pleased with your results. Most procedures produce beautiful, natural-looking breasts. Many patients experience a boost in their self-image, enjoying getting out, shopping for clothes and showing off their new contoured appearance. Though breast augmentation provides long-lasting enhancement, it is important to remember that issues such as age, genetics and weight fluctuation can change the structure and position of even enhanced breasts over time.

Disclaimer – Result can vary from person to person


Breast Prices
Breast Augmentation / Enlargement From Offer £3,900 / £5,000
Breast Lift From £5,500
Breast Reduction From £6,500

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Client Testimonials

” I went to Harley body clinic for consultation on breast augmentation procedure. I felt really satisfied during the consultation time. So I decided to undergo the surgery with them.”

Miranda, London

” My surgery on breast augmentation with them was satisfactory as per I desired. The staffs are really honest with expectations from the surgery and also helpful. ”

Lucy, Liverpool

“I underwent vaser lipo with Harley body clinic, so when I thought about breast augmentation I choose them again as they are well qualified and even expertise for treating cosmetic procedures.”

Miriam, Bath

“I wasn’t satisfied with my breast size and contour so I certainly myself decided to undergo breast reduction process. But Harley body clinic experts’ helps to me choose the ideal surgery breast augmentation to opt for my dissatisfaction. ”

Debby , Glasgow

“One word to say I am pleased with my surgery from Harley body clinic.”

Lauren, Manchester

“My sister underwent breast augmentation procedure with Harley Body Clinic and suggested me to give it a go. I choose to go for consultation. I was convinced to undergo with them.”

Anne, Bristol

“I will say very less, I am satisfied with my experience on breast augmentation procedure.”

Leslie, Brighton

“The surgeon and other staffs are really helpful and co-operative during the surgery and post surgical time. Happy to suggest other who is thinking of undergoing breast augmentation surgery.”

Gemma, Leeds

“Well convincing consultation and best advice right after the surgery to achieve the ideal outcome post the breast augmentation surgery.”

Millie, London

“They are best right with consultation, surgery and also with post operative tips with breast augmentation.”

Mal, London

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