Vaser Prices

At Harley Body Clinic we offer VASER Liposuction Standard-Def, VASER Mid-Def, VASER Hi-def and Vaser 4D sculpting. Price ranges from £1,990 – £8,000 depending on the body area chosen for treatment.

The Body areas which can be treated with Vaser Liposuction includes the lower abdomen, upper abdomen, male chest (man boobs / Gynecomastia), upper back (bra-strap fat pads), outer thighs (saddle bags), Front of thighs, buttocks (Bum), knees, calves, inner thighs, armpits (axilla), arms (bingo wings), flanks (love handles), neck, chin and jowls (double chin) and ankles.

The pricing will be discussed specific to your requirement during consultation.

Your price includes the following:

  • Free consultation with the surgeon.
  • The Operation theatre cost
  • VASER Liposuction procedure
  • All Medications including your medications to take home
  • 24*7 emergency helpline for assistance
  • All post-operative assessments with concerned surgeon
  • Information pack containing details of the treatment, Side effects, complications, Preoperative and post-operative Instructions.

We also offer Fat Transfer procedure. Price starts from £1500. Please book a free consolation for details.

Prices For Vaser Liposuction

Vaser Prices
Vaser Liposuction consultation FREE
One Area Offer £2,090 / £3,500
Two Areas Offer £3,190 / £4,990
Three Areas Offer £4,290 / £6,000
Four Areas Offer £5,390 / £7,500
One Area under general anaesthetic Offer £2,990 / £3,900
Two Areas under general anaesthetic Offer £4,190 / £5,300
Three Areas under general anaesthetic Offer £5,390 / £6,500
Four Areas under general anaesthetic Offer £6,590 / £7,700
Five areas under general anaesthetic Offer £7,790 / £9,000
Vaser Mid-Def, Vaser Hi-Def or Vaser Hi-Volume POC
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