Fat Transfer to Butt

What are the possibilities for undergoing fat transfer to butt under local anesthesia?

there stays possibilities for the butt lifting surgery to get perfomed under local anesthesia.
But it also comes with some disadvantages or downsides. They are:

  • The candidate might likely experience significant pain beside the amount of local anesthesia involved.
  • The surgeon might not be able to have access the areas as per candidates discomfort.
  • Some local ansthestic might be toxic to faat cell and stemm cells too which leads reduction of fat amount that survives. But some of the sessions of fat transfer might get performed under local anesthesia.

What does fat transfer to buttock means?

Fat transfer to butt or buttock augmentation is also known as brazilian butt lift. It s such a resection which helps to restore or re-contour the buttock by providing fuller, former buttock. It helps in correcting deformities, asymmetry by grafting own body fat into buttock tissues.

Fat gets gets transferred from such areas of body with excess fat and is also a concern. Sch areas are mainly love handles, abdomen or even thighs. The fats are managed carefully by protecting fat cells and later gets injected intot he buttocks through one or two small incisions by the usage of slim cannula. This process of buttock augmentation must be fairly atraumatic by reducing the incidence of complications and even maximising the healing of the fat cells.

How long does the results of the butt augmentation stays?

The fat transfer to butt or butt lifting surgery provide the long-running or even permanent improvement. Though, 20-40% of the grafted fat might fail to survive, as such requires additional treatment approximately 3 months for achieving the ultimate outcome.

When does the final outcomes are seen?

The improvement in fullness and the contour of buttock gets seen immediately as per following the treatment. Any swelling gets resolved within 2 weeks but resturning to normal feeling might take 4-6 weeks. It might take 3 months for the grafted fat for stabilising in the specific areas as per treatment.

When does one will be abe to retuen back to normal activities?

The restricted activities are advised for 2 weeks of the following butt lifting surgery. Wearing of the support garment is advised by the experts for the first 3 weeks entire time and post 3 weeks wearing of support garment is advised for next 3 weeks during day time.

Does there stays any form of side effcets?

The buttock augmentation surgery is one such process in which fat is taken from another part of the body and later gets injected into buttocks. But some side effects are seen. They are:

  • Mild discomfort, swelling and bruising are seen.
  • Some of the irregularities are seen at the site of the fat grafting requires additonal treatments.
  • Infection rate is very rare by the following of the fat transfer to buttocks. Some courses of antibioties are given by time of th treatment.
  • Some of the sensation are seen by the treatment area or around the site of the fat grafting which is common and also gets solved within 6-8 weeks.

Does this surgery of buttock augmentation cause any pain or brusing?

Very minimal discomfort is seen and expected by following the treatment and no certain brusing gets occurred with the careful techniques which are performed. any certain mild brusing gets ususally resolved post 1-2 weeks.
The treated areas might feel tender and even moderate discomfort for the first 3-5 days post the undergoing the surgery. Very mild discomfort are seen for 2 weeks.

The process of the surgery to get performed under experts?

The first initial consultation determine the goals of the treatment and also gets noted for correcting the asymmetry or deformities in order for developing the treatment for an ideal outocmes post the surgery with each candidates who under the resection.
The surgery gets carried out under the usage of general anesthesia as per day case. Fat grafting to buttocks gets enhanced by the using of one’s own platalets from blood in the form of PRP. It also also helps to enhance the fat cell to heal ans survive. At the same time the surgery gets performed at the time of fat grafting.

Am I ideal for undergoing the buttock augmentation by fat?

If one like to improve the buttock using own’s fat and gain by removing the fat fro areas which might be concerning, but the fat transfer to buttock is likely is beneficial surgery option.

A well detailed assessment will determine the goals and options which can be carried out at the the time of consultation. If one do not have sufficient fat for grafting certain cosmeic buttock injection or implants are suitable option to opt.

Does this process of buttock augmentation come with any benefits?

Fat grafting uses own fat cells for enhancing the buttocks as since the fat cells are own and also there stays no risk of infection, rejection or any form of adverse reactions.

The transfering of fat to buttock feels and behave naturally and also there stays no risk of implant failure or damage. Although 1-2 treatments with fat transfer might be required for achieving the optimum contour and fullness to buttocks as thus the fat transfer to buttock are permanent.

When does the buttock augmentationby fat are advisible?

Fat transfer to buttock surgery is advisible if the candidate has suffiecient free fat on the body which can be liposuctioned and injectd to buttock. The advanatge of this procedure is it is possible for moving from the areas on the body which is not wanted to areas and might be transferred to buttock for corrceting the fullness.

In case one have two surgical procedures, liposuction an buttock augmentation by using the own body fats from the fat accumulated areas , it is important to note that fat transfer are only semi-permanent solution as not all fats of body lasts permanently. Candidate needs to return in few years for additional fat transfer as per their desire.

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