Vaser hi-def is a process of sculpting to emphasize the appearance of the vertical muscles in the centre of the abdomen, the “rectus abdominus”, commonly known as the “abs”. By sculpting the abdomen one may emphasize the abdomen muscles that give the appearance of being almost incredibly fit physically. In order to achieve the same effect toned body by exercise, one has to work out probably three to four hours every day and in addition keep the body fat very low.

Vaser hi-def is a liposuction procedure to contour the abdomen and waist for male patients to maximize the athletic appearance. Depending upon how thick the layer of tissue over these muscles is, the procedure is usually accomplished by sculpting the overlying tissue to attain the look of an almost healthy appearing “six pack”. If the layer is too thin, it may also be necessary to do some micro fat grafting over each section of the six pack. This enables us to emphasize the muscular appearance even more.

Vaser hi-def is a sculpting procedure rather than a de-bulking technique. Therefore, this surgery is generally fit for men and women who have good muscle tone without excessive amounts of fat. The patient should maintain a healthy lifestyle by undergoing strict diet and exercise. Vaser hi-def can be performed on multiple body areas including the abdomen, female breast, male chest, back, arms, thighs, buttocks, hips and waist.

The procedure is simple and is usually performed in less than an hour under local anaesthesia. While the patient is asleep, fat is selectively removed through a small hollow tube inserted through one or more tiny incisions. Most of these incisions are hidden in the pubic hair and in natural creases of the body leaving only very small scars. The abdomen aspired to thin the fat pad, then more aggressively over the external obliques, lineal alba, and transverse inscriptions. This technique reveals and enhances the muscular contour to achieve a more athletic appearance. A patient usually recovers in two to three days.

The procedure does not interfere with the function of the muscles in any way, and you can resume your workout within a week or two, depending on what other procedures are done.

One of the advantage of this technique is that the procedure itself results in a bit of swelling, and the “appearing six pack” emerges only gradually as the swelling subsides, very much as it would appear gradually if you began working out vigorously. It does not change overnight so it would look to anyone else in your gym like you were doing this on your own for that matter.

Appropriate For:

Meant for both men and women. Those who are worried about their figure can undergo vaser liposuction surgery. For the men, the popular problem areas are the chest, abdomen, lower back, and the neck. For men those who are suffering from Gynecomastia may undergo vaser hi-def surgery. It will help them to reduce the over enlargement of the male breasts. Similarly, large amount of fat gets deposited around the abdomen which hampers the male models to get a toned body. For these reasons one might go for liposuction surgery, especially vaser lipo for men. The male models who want a toned look can go for arm liposuction or tummy tuck which reduces the excess fat from those areas. For women who are not satisfied with the size of their breasts can go for breast augmentation.

This technique is not a substitute for weight loss, and the best candidates are of relatively normal weight with isolated pockets of fat that do not respond to diet and exercise.

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