Why Harley Body Clinic

When it comes to your body you ought to be very careful. There are several clinics that will promise to provide you the best at quite less price but there is a reason they are able to do that. They perform the surgery through general surgeon where as Harley Body Clinic uses Cosmetic Surgeon for Cosmetic Procedures. A specialist does his job far better than a generalist.

Consultation with Surgeon

Be it Invasive or Non-Invasive procedure such as Vaser Liposuction, a consultation before surgery is a must. In Harley Body Clinic your consultation will always be with a surgeon. A Cosmetic Surgeon is well trained both in basic and advanced procedures. For instance: A patient may not always be suitable for Vaser Lipo, but be suitable for traditional liposuction. In such cases our Cosmetic surgeon would be able to identify which is best for the client as he is trained in both the procedures.

Location and Cost:

Harley body clinic is located in the famous medical district of the world, Harley Street. Through investment in next generation equipments and technologies we aim to keep ourselves a step ahead of the rest. Harley Body Clinic has the latest Vaser Liposuction system that can remove large volumes of fat with minimal pain and bruising. In the market, we offer the best prices. With lots of vaser Liposuction done, we are capable to cut down the cost by spreading the overhead.

How to choose the right Vaser Liposuction Clinic?

Selecting the right clinic for undergoing vaser liposuction or vaser lipo is very important to get the right kind of treatment. There are few ways to judge, which is the right clinic for you:

  • The first thing you need to do is to make a list of all the clinics offering vaser Lipo and call them to receive more and more information about the entire procedure.
  • A good vaser liposuction clinic should conduct a full examination of your body as well as your medical history.
  • The skill of doctors is equally important to determine a good clinic. The more a doctor practices, the more experience he gains. You can go through newspapers and journals to get hold of names of famous and experienced doctors.
  • Your list must also include the point of ‘after care programmes’. Clinics which offer these kinds of programmes are great options.

At Harley Body Clinic we offer the best services at affordable prices. Being a professional liposuction clinic we usually offer our prospective clients with a consultation session to clarify his needs and suggests him/her the suitable packages. We also suggest suitable diets and exercise regime to clients so that they can get the best results from vaser treatments and retain the shape for long. It is also commonplace to see vaser lipo clinics offering ‘after care programs’.

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