Every day we live a little

Aging is good that we gain a lot of experience and confidence that is a power only adulthood can bring. However, when we see our age to appear in our face, it often works the other way around. We often forget about all the experience and confidence, and start to yearn for our youth day by day. Facing the mirror we forget that every day we live a little, but instead start to believe that every day we die a little.

Hence, talking about dermal fillers that is a cosmetic procedure and is a hype with the 40 something women, and sometimes, behind a tightly locked door, many men tried this too. Plus, there are other age defying cosmetic procedures that are very popular among the middle aged women (and men). Facelift, body lift, Botox fillers, and the list get more creative day by day.

Dermal fillers are injections of a soft solution called Restylane which is basically hyaluronic acid or collagen and body fat taken from the patient itself is also injected. The filler is injected on selective areas of the face, like the nasobial fold, cheeks, brow line, chin and lips. It spreads the skin and overcomes its wrinkling appearances to some extent.

To have something is always better than not having… so if one can avail to have a plump and smooth surface instead of crow’s feet and sagging facial features, then why not opt for it? Dermal fillers can be a good way to restore youth and keep facial aging at bay. Try it, for sure, but this will never change the way you feel about yourself, your body image and neither would it hide your age.

Here are some tips on Do’s and Don’ts when having dermal fillers, as well some simple proofs about how youth has very little to do with age.

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