Cookie Policy For Harley Body Clinic

We, at Harley Body Clinic, have implemented the use of cookies on our website in order to improve the experiences of our services and websites. Let’s have an insight on the cookies we use and what can be done about those cookies.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are harmless, small text files which are downloaded to the user’s device/ computer when someone is visiting our websites. Essentially, such files identify the user’s device and computer for specific purposes. Usually, cookies have a vast range of multiple purposes and the main reasons are described below:

  • These help to understand the browsing habits of Harley Body Clinic’s website.
  • Calculating the number of visitors to our websites
  • Calculating the pages which are visited by the users
  • Cookies also help to understand how the visitors came to our website

Managing Cookies:

Cookies help the service provider to improve the user’s experience but there are also provisions for the users to block the cookies. In order to block the cookies, a user has to go to the settings options of the browser. The option of managing the cookies is found in a section which is named as “Privacy”. Usually, there are options to block few of the cookies or some of them but during that one might need to refer to the browser in order to get the full details.

What Are The Cookies Used By Harley Body Clinic?

The list of main cookies, used on the website of Harley Body Clinic and there descriptions are listed below:

Google Analytics:

According to our cookie policy, we use a number of cookies which are related to Google analytics and these allow us to identify the areas of improvement and analyze the website traffic.

Google Adwords:

We, at Harley Body Clinic use the cookies which are closely related to Google Adwords. These allow the service provider to track the records and performance of our paid for links on the results of Google search engine.


ResponseTap is known to be a service which allows the service providers to measure the interactions of call center and also allows identifying the source of the phone calls so that one can understand the effectiveness of the marketing efforts.


Cookies enable facebook to offer the facebook products to the users and it also helps the service provider to understand the information received about the users. Along with that, it also helps to understand the information about a user’s utilization of other applications and websites. The same procedures are applicable in the case of Instagram.


Hotjar is a brand new and powerful tool which helps to reveal the online behavior and activities of the users. By combining both the feedback and analysis tools, Hotjar provides us the entire plan of how to improve our site’s user experience and the rate of conversion.

Web Beacons:

Web beacons perform a similar task as the cookies and therefore we utilize beacons on our emails and website in order to understand the behavior of the users and their effectiveness when it comes to the marketing policy. For instance, a web beacon enables the service provider to know that a user has opened an email or not. It helps the service provider to understand the effectiveness of the email marketing service.

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