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Correct Your Bat Ear Deformity Today


Any kind of physical deformity is traumatizing and stigmatizing from a psychological and social perspective since people whether teenager or adults who has any abnormalities leads to anxiety and stress due to social embarrassment such as ridicules, stares or even abuses from others. If one has a bat ear deformity, an ear correction can help to improve the appearance of ears.

What Is Bat Ear Deformity?

The condition of having this deformity of bat ear is when ears are more prominent than usual where ears protrude at sharper angles from sides of head than that of normal ears are like, resembling to bat ears known as Bat Ear Deformity. The ears are quite large as compared to rest of body. Though this deformity doesn’t has any health problem or is physically harmless with no affects to hearing, but it does elicit social anxiety, poor self image, cruelty from others, uncomfortable interactions and emotional or psychological trauma. The permanent condition of this deformity can only be corrected surgically both in children and adults who are emotionally stable to undergo this simple surgery to remove or correct this deformity.

The Otoplasty Procedure

With the help of this correction of ear surgically, the ears gets a less and natural prominent appearance where the surgeon makes incision behind ears eliminating a large cartilage. The surgeon manipulates cartilages to achieve a new shape and contour it by placing near closer to ear to head by internally suturing it, and also adjusts the other cartilage outside the ear to obtain aesthetically pleasing look. The whole surgery is performed under general anesthesia and is a delicate one where one must take great care to achieve the naturally looking outcomes which flatters the patients’ natural features by establishing a balance between facial features. The surgery guarantees permanent solution which one can continue to enjoy throughout his life.

Why Choose Harley Body Clinic?

If your child or you have this prominent ear, our team has board certified surgeon who has knowledge of correcting this condition to provide you more natural ear look. To learn more schedule with Harley Body Clinic to book free consultation by calling 08454961497 or by filling our online contact form today.