Difference between Weight Loss and Body Contouring

Be it small bulgy areas or being overweight, both makes a person look fat in the mirror and feel disheartened about it. Weight loss and body contouring make a plethora of clinical, cosmetic surgical, as well as lifestyle management procedures and principles to achieve the ideal body weight, and a well curvaceously body. However, weight loss and body contouring are two different things.

While generally a person can see the difference in the weighing scale. The clinical difference between being overweight and having a bulgy figure is the volume of fat, and the type of fat and also bone density.
What Makes a Person Overweight and What Are the Measures of Weight Loss
Usually excessive visceral fat makes a person overweight. There are two types of body fat, one that accumulated under the muscles, and subcutaneous fat which accumulates under the skin. Visceral fat is usually more fibrous and dense than subcutaneous fat, and weighs more in volume.
Sometimes bone density or muscle weight can make a person weigh more than their ideal mass, and yet not look fat; such is common with body builders, who are healthy and with a lot of strength. But when body fat is the main reason for being overweight it is unhealthy, and leads to obesity.
Reasons behind obesity are mainly genetics, added with unbalanced diet with excess food supply than is necessary and less activity, and a poor immune system.
There is only one way to lose weight, which is dieting and exercising, is referred as the organic measure. This could be aided with bariatric surgery, which is to surgically remove pounds of fat, from obese people. This is a reconstructive surgery, and not plastic surgery.
What May Be Done For Figure Correction Body Contouring surgeries, including liposuction, tummy tuck, or breast enhancement could be later done, for figure correction, after a successful weight loss.
Body contouring takes removing small areas of localized fat reduction that can achieve better tone of one’s figure, even multiple areas could be addressed at once, but still is different from weight loss. Being overweight is ideally a large sum of fat anything more than 25-30pounds to what a person should healthily have.
Body contouring procedures can work with moderately weighted people who are not more than 20pounds above their ideal body weight. Liposuction surgery, which focuses on skin fat reduction from selective regions of the body is the most common body contouring procedure. This is successful in contouring selective regions fo the body by safely removing pockets of skin fat. But this cannot be a weight loss procedure, because it works with superficial fat only, and visceral fat, that resides in depth of muscles, takes much more than a simple procedure like liposuction.
Individuals seeking figure correction by any means happen to consider it same as weight loss. And when it comes to body contouring with cosmetic surgery, surgeons largely meet such candidates who actually need to lose weight than have the procedure, and such candidates are turned down.

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