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Are you not happy with your penis size? Is it becoming a hindrance in your conjugal life? Don’t you have satisfied sexual life with your partner? Stop here, stop thinking and take the necessary action that can heal this problem. As we all know that in men’s body it is the most important and delicate part and muscles over here have no such control that supports the size of a penis. You may never have listened any men who don’t want to have enlarged penis. Almost every man out there looks for an inch or two inch bigger size of their penis than they do already have. This not only helps them out to have a healthy sexual life with their partners but also make them confident and bold. But since it is a very delicate part of men’s body thus taking decision for a man about the penis surgery is not an easy task. Keeping in mind about the benefits that one may get from penis enlargement, Harley Body Clinic has arrived at your door step with non-surgical penis enlargement treatment. Are you also planning to have a penis enlargement treatment or a surgery? Then you must know all the hidden facts. So, let start from the basic.

What do you mean by penis enlargement?

The term penis enlargement is a process that involves your hands or any medical devices that helps your penis to grow by length. This process also increases the girth of your penis. The non-surgical process is not harmful like the surgical one that gives side effects in long-term and gives you only temporary results.

How does it work?

Usually in the non-surgical stretching process you can gently massage your penis. The surface of penis get stretched out repeatedly which creates micro tears in the tissues and when it gets engorged; it appears bigger or longer in size. This hand on stretching is the mostly used, risk free, quick result giving process. This process also helps to increase the girth of your penis. Jelqing is one of the most effective processes that increase the size of girth of your penis.

What is the appropriate size of a penis and what is the normal size?

Usually the muscle control of the penis is very important. When you erect your penis it starts enlarging in size and remain same until the discharge. If your penis is about 13cm or 5 inches long when erected then you have absolutely a normal size penis. But, during erection if you see that the measurement of your penis do not exceeds more than 7.5cm or 3 inches then you must call it a small penis. This condition is commonly known as micropenis.

Why every man wants to have large penis?

Yes, of course all the men want to have large penis. But increasing the size of it is not a big thing instead it is important to know whether your partner is satisfied or not. If you think that you have small penis than the usual size then you should talk to your partner to understand her desire and needs. If you both are happy with your sexual life then it is fine else you can go for enlargement treatment.

What are the surgical methods used for penis enlargement?

Not every man goes for penis enlargement surgery. There are men who thinks that may be their penis is small but researchers have studied a lot on it and has presented the data which tells that maximum men do possess the average or normal size of penis but they believe that their penis is small. It is just a thought process nothing else. Thus, the penis enlargement surgery is a rare case. If during erection your penis size remains below 3 inches or so then this condition is pointed out as micropenis and you are recommended to have either surgery or to treat it with a non-surgical process. Following are some of the well known techniques that are followed in the penis enlargement surgical process:

  • Severing the suspensory ligament/ Ligamentolysis:It is known to all that penis enlargement surgery is a very delicate surgery that requires expert’s hands to be performed successfully. But the chances of getting the desired result are quite rare. So, among those techniques the most commonly used technique is severing the suspensory ligament. This ligament attaches the penis with the pubic bone and help in the movement of the skin from the lower abdomen to the penile shaft. In this particular surgery the ligament is cut which allows the penis to hangs down more appropriately which in turn imparts it a longer or enlarged look.
  • Prosthesis insertion: Modified penile prosthesis implantation has been found one of the very effective methods for penis enlargement. In this technique prosthesis implantation is done as found in breast implantation surgery but the results are highly different. This process may affect your capacity of eraction and can change the aesthetic appearance of your penis. Your sexual function may also get altered. Patients who suffer from severe erectile dys-functioning are often recommended to have prosthetic insertion surgery. But along with the beneficiary effects you must know the hidden facts that may appear to you with adverse effect. Cutting down this ligament is very difficult and requires a trained hand. Moreover, this technique makes a penis quite unstable during erection. In such cases other techniques are combined to get the desired result.
  • Penile reconstruction: In this particular process the disassembling of penis is done completely and then again it is reconstructed. Due to this reconstruction a gap is created between the penis shaft and the glance penis. A small section of cartilage that is taken out from other parts of the patient’s body is then inserted between this gap gently which actually imparts the increased appearance of your penis. In combination with the ligamentolysis this penile reconstruction is done. This technique is a huge process that requires lot of time for operation and the procedure is quite complexed thus this process is usually not recommended. This process is only recommended to those who are suffering from micro penis or microphallia.
  • Injecting fats at penis shaft: The second most effectively used technique of the penis enlargement surgery is injecting fats at the penis shaft. In combination with the severing the suspensory ligament technique, injecting fats at the penis shaft is performed. If you are looking to make your penis thicker then fats are firstly taken out from fleshy and fatty body parts of yours and then it is injected to the penis shaft. But this surgery is not that satisfactory as because the result may appear disappointing. This happens because of the re-absorption of fats. Not every fat gets perfectly fitted to the injected area. There are some fat that may get absorbed when injected to another body parts. This unwanted absorption may intervene with the appearance of your penis. This improportionate distribution of fats imparts an irregular shape to your penis. This may lead to penile curvature or direct you to have such asymmetric penis.
  • Grafting tissues: Just like the other penis enlargement surgical techniques, the grafting tissue process is also delicate and quite a complex surgery to be performed. This has high risk that can even damage the tissues at the injected area. Improper tissue grafting may lower your erection capacity and potency for prolonged hour sex.
  • Penis fillers: This particular process is mainly use to increase the penis girth and the size of glans penis. The very first step of this process involves the administration of hyaluronic acid into the penis that increases the volume as well as the complete appearance of your penis. Though it is not a permanent solution because the injected acid may get absorbed by several tissues located in the penis. The effect lasts for 6-12months maximum but repeated application can be done once you lose the desired size. As compared to the other techniques, it is quite safe and takes minimal time to be performed. It takes around 30minutes and requires the administration of local anesthesia.

Is surgical process of penis enlargement risky or does it have any side effects?

Yes, the surgical procedure to have an enlarged penis has a lot of complication that may appear to you either immediately or quite later in the future. If the surgery is not done in the appropriate way then you may get loss of sensation or function along with severe scarring and infection at the operated area.

What are the methods available for non-surgical penis enlargement treatment?

Since the surgical process of penis enlargement or andrology is not found to have a high satisfactory result and as it also generated future side effects with potential permanent damage of your penis thus, Harley Body Clinic has arrived with a new set of technologies of treatment to treat such patience who are struggling with their sexual life and their penis size. Following are some of the products and techniques that can make you feel relaxed.

  • Administration of pills and lotions: The medicines or pills that are given to you consume contains minerals, vitamins, herbs and hormones of health supplinary. Though many of these particular products are banned now and they even may become armful.
  • Bio collagen stimulator: The bio collagen stimulator is a very safe and effective non-surgical process done for penis enlargement. In this particular process the new penis enlargement injection namely is injected that makes your penis thicker than that of your original penis appearance. This injection actually triggers the collagen growth of penis. It is a completely safe and natural product. As soon as the injection is administered you can get an instant thickening appearance to your penis. But its longevity is low because the natural gel which gets injected here is broken down within a following week. Your natural body collagen actually replaces this filler. In recent technology is getting formulated with different durations which increase the time of effectiveness.
  • Using of vacuumed pumps: As the vacuumed pumps have the capacity to draw sufficient bloods to penis just to make it look swelled, this technique may cause you have improper treatment and erectile dys-functioning. This technique provides your penis a temporary larger look. This may causes you have damage of the elastic tissue and leads you to have less firm erections.
  • Exercise: The process of exercise is also known as jelqing process that involves your hands motion to push blood from the base to the head of the penis. As compared to the other surgical as well as the non-surgical penis enlargement methods, this technique is safe but prolonged use of this technique may direct you to experience disfigurement, scar formation and pain as well as this techniques doesn’t have any scientific proof whether this techniques works or not.
  • Stretching: In this particular process usually penile traction devices are used. Stretcher or extender devices are also used that helps in stretching out the skin of the penis. A recent research has stated that this gives an inch or almost 2 inches of enlargement of penis when these devices are used. But there is no such proven methods found that can state its effectiveness, longevity and safety aspects.

Is penis enlargement and girth enlargement is a similar process?

No. Penis enlargement and penis girth enlargement are different. The term penis enlargement refers the penis lengthening process where either the surgical or the non-surgical process can be applied to increase the size of penis by length. Penis enlargement is usually done for increasing the size of penis for better sexual functioning, but penis enlargement alone does not give you the appropriate result if your girth measurement is less than the standard size. Girth is basically the middle part of penis which should be thicker to get the sexual pleasure for both men and women. The stretched and thicker girth of penis helps in stimulating the sexual pleasure while moving through the vaginal opening. This helps to give better stimulation to the clitoral glans of vagina where a pack of receptors are present to feel the sensation of penis movement. The standard size of penis girth for an adult ranges from 12.7 cm to 17.7 cm. This girth enhancement process can be done at the same time of penis enlargement.

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