Surgery Cancellation Policy

Patient Safety is of utmost importance to us. We may sometimes have to cancel the surgery at last minute. If we cancel surgery at last minute for non-clinical reason, we will offer you a new date for your surgery. This date will be within 15 days of the previous date on which your surgery was originally booked for. If the patient is not happy with the offered date of the surgery, we will offer Full Refund.

What does ‘the last minute’ mean?

This means that the clinic cancels your operation:

  1. On the day you’re due to arrive in Clinic
  2. After you’ve arrived in Clinic
  3. On the day that your operation or surgery is due to take place

What are non-clinical reasons?

There are many non-clinical reasons for clinic cancelling operations, such as:

  1. Staff are not available, such as the surgeon, anesthetist or operating theatre staff
  2. An emergency case had to take priority in the operating theatre
  3. Operations took longer than expected, so the list of operations over-ran
  4. Some equipment isn’t working
  5. There has been an administrative error
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