Television show covers a past patients account with liposuction

Seven years ago 39year old Debbie wished to treat herself with perfected legs with liposuction on her 40th birthday but ended up with botchy craters all over her thighs. Seven years later now 47year old Debbie is being treated back with same procedure to get her rid of the unwanted craters and the desired legs after all. A television covered the true story. And here’s it.
As advertisements eloquently and extensively claim and promise vulnerable people to “transform” into something that are highly desired, while numerous patient’s stories say otherwise. It all began with Debbie’s beaming influence to what is indeed a highly desired characteristic to have smooth and plump yet slim legs. So she went for thigh liposuction believing in the procedure. Instead of slender and smooth legs, Debbie ended up with unusual crater like grooves all over her legs. The surgeon assured her after the surgery that the grooves are but temporary and would go off with the post-surgical swelling. But it didn’t.
After 7 years, a television channel took her story in aspiration to help her repair her legs. A London based surgeon examined Debbie’s condition and revealed what went wrong with her previous session. He said that either the surgeon had aspirated more fat out of her legs than was necessary or she had a bleeding that made the essential skin fats to die and form the grooves to be permanent.
The solution was thus to augment her thighs back with some more fat that can fill and plump up the craters. The surgeon also said that repairing botched craters is one of the most troublesome jobs for liposuction.
The television show followed with the steps in the surgery room, wherein the surgeon pin pointed the complications and deterred results of the previous surgery. He then used little amount of fat to inject into Debbie’s thighs.
Post the surgery, Debbie’s legs where quite smooth that she had firstly wished for. Debbie was relieved and visibly happy with her results, and shared that now she doesn’t feel self-conscious to wear shorts or beach wear.

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