Vaser Liposuction: Is It Worth The Cost?

Vaser liposuction is considered to be a minimally invasive surgery which helps to contour one’s body silhouette. If you are tired of exercising and dieting and still unable to reduce the excess amount of stubborn fat tissues, you might be a suitable candidate for this surgical procedure.

However one might argue about the effectiveness of this procedure when there is the conventional way of removing fat cells known as traditional liposuction which is often considered to be somewhat aggressive. Therefore, the aesthetic experts have come up with the newer version of liposuction and the modified technique is totally opposite from the former one. This newer method involves the usage of mild and modern ultrasound energy which helps the candidates attain the toned body contour which matches with their expectations from the surgery.

The newer technique has been preferred by most of the candidates because it is able to differentiate between the target fat tissues and other key tissues. it also recognizes the differences between the blood vessels and the specified body fat tissues, while on the other hand; traditional fat removal surgery tends to damage the surrounding tissues and blood vessels along with emulsifying the fat tissues of the treatable areas.

Vaser technique utilizes the unique ultrasound energy in order to liquefy the excess fat tissues of human body which don’t seem to go away with traditional weight loss procedure. After the emulsification procedure is over, surgeons aspire out the liquid fat from the candidate’s body. This newer method promotes quick recovery span and as an outcome one’s body contour appears to be natural and aesthetically improved.

Who Are The Ideal Candidates For The Procedure?

Vaser liposuction is beneficial for the candidates who are in overall good health and mentally stable as well. One also needs to refrain from smoking, consuming anabolic steroids and alcohol. Along with that, every candidate needs to have a realistic expectation from the surgical procedure which doesn’t provide each and every candidate with similar kind of outcomes. The final result of the procedure might differ on the basis of skin tone and elasticity, amount of fat removed, body’s natural healing power and supportive measures ensured at the time of recovery span. Most importantly, the success of the surgery majorly depends on the hands of the aesthetic expert and his/ her team.

Benefits Of Vaser Technique Over The Traditional Mode Of Fat Removal Surgery:

  • Vaser therapy comes up with almost zero pain and it is quite comfortable while on the other hand, traditional method involves forceful emulsification and aspiration of the stubborn fat tissues and the process can be quite traumatic for the individual who is going under the knife.
  • As it is mentioned below, the recovery span of this less invasive procedure is quite less when compared to that of the traditional fat removal surgery. traditional fat removal takes much long for getting recovered because of the internal injuries caused at the time of the surgical procedure.
  • Vaser liposuction helps to improve one’s skin elasticity and it also lets a candidate’s body to adapt the newly formed contours quickly.

However, a candidate might need to undergo repeated sessions of vaser liposuction procedure in order to achieve the final results. By so far, this modified version of fat removal surgery has not been termed as harmful and risky. Every year, Harley Body Clinic has been performing this surgery on lots of candidates who are able to witness life transforming results. Visit our website at and know more.

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