Enlargement of male breast tissues often happens because of the hormonal imbalances and this condition is medically termed as gynecomastia. This condition usually affects candidates coming from any age group. This is quite a common disorder and it usually affects around seventy percent of boys who are experiencing certain types of hormonal changes during the pubertal phase.

Most of such cases get resolved within a certain span of time and therefore no need of treatment is there. But in some cases, adult individuals overly developed man boobs to varying degrees. Lots of times, this condition is widely confused with obesity and weight gain caused due to disorder of endocrine system which has no link with a candidate’s body weight. Some male infants also experience this condition due to the transmission of female hormone from the mother’s body but this condition goes away after few months. Though this condition is quite frequent, it can lead one to deal with both physiological and social stress due to a man’s greatly altered physical appearance.

As per the severity of the condition of gynecomastia, the degrees of enlarged male breast tissue is divided into four different groups that are mentioned below:

Grade 1:

The condition of localized button tissue accumulation around the areola and nipple is often characterized as small breast enlargement. The existing breast tissue differs in color from the small yet enlarged tissue. When a candidate is experiencing this stage, detecting the condition with clothing on is not that easy. Basically the options of treating this condition varies from exercise recommendation, dietary supplements to prescription medication and one doesn’t need to undergo any surgery at this stage.

Grade 2:

The second grade is considered to be the moderate breast enlargement which usually exceeds the edges and boundaries of areola indistinct from a candidate’s chest. At this stage of the condition, breast tissue usually expands over pectoral muscle region. If a candidate is wearing loose clothes, the moderate enhancement in not noticeable. The level of estrogen can be reduced by changing regular food habits such as targeted supplementation. However, if the natural solutions don’t work, it would be ideal for one to undergo the gynecomastia surgery.

Grade 4:

In this extreme stage, moderate enhancement of breast tissues majorly exceeds the edges and boundaries of areola and this stage witnesses excess skin tissues and female-like-breast appearance. This highly visible grade is considered to be severe and gynecomastia surgical procedure needs to be performed at this grade when other treatments have failed.

This condition is mostly caused due to the endocrine system disorder which leads the men or boys to experience enlargement of breast tissue. Besides the disorder, enhanced male breast chest region can also caused due to excess fat accumulation and this condition is medically termed as Psuedogynecomastia.

Diet and exercise never fails to help one to get rid of excess fat deposits accumulated around his chest. But treating the underlying factors of male boobs from its root is very important for each and every candidate. If a candidate is suffering from psuedogynecomastia, following a regular work out regime can help one to achieve a leaner and masculine chest.

At the very beginning, a candidate must get started with low impact exercises which help to prevent the gradual development of fat tissues. At first, one needs to lose his overall body weight and after that a candidate can move on to sculpt down pectoral fat with high intensity exercises.

Sometimes, eating right and Doing proper exercise are not enough to get rid of gynecomastia. If the time comes that a candidate is not able to get the most desired outcome even after following a fitness program, one must consult with the aesthetic experts of our Harley Gynecomastia Clinic who have successful records of performing gynecomastia surgeries. A candidate must never forget to research about all the facts and happenings that get get involved in the breast reduction surgery and it often helps one to develop realistic expectations.

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