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Gynecomastia Prices
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Gynecomastia With Vaser Liposuction Offer £2500 / £3500
Gynecomastia( Vaser Liposuction + Surgical Gland Removal ) Offer £3500 / £5500
Gynecomastia( Vaser Liposuction + Surgical Gland Removal )
+Skin Excision around Areola
Offer £5000 / £7000
Nipple Reduction Offer £1500 / £2500
Skin Excision inverted T Offer £6500 / £7500

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Doctor Details:

Registered as a plastic surgeon in General Medical Council (UK) Specialist Register

  1. More than 30 years of experience
  2. Expertise in many other segment of cosmetic surgery like reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, vaser liposuction, chin reduction, gynecomastia, abdominoplasty, penoplasty, breast augmentation and many more.
  3. Worked in Saint Louis and in Saint Antoine hospital as a chief resident as well as assistant in des Hopitaux de Paris
  4. He is invited from many international associations for his excellence and he is asked to share his experience that motivates and shows a right path for young doctors
  5. Plastic surgeon who first wrote article on pectoral, buttock augmentation and designed the pectoral implantation.
  6. Famous for his live surgeries those were performed by him in Sao Paoli (Brazil), Barcelona (Spain), Heidelberg (Germany) and Beirut (Lebanon) and so on.
  7. His operations are also been filmed in the BBC programs. We are blessed to have him here at Harley Body Clinic. His expertise and advanced surgical process has really helped us to bringing happy and satisfied patient's.

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