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Gynecomastia preoperative instructions

How should one prepare for gynecomastia surgery?

Gynecomastia surgery needs to be performed in a well accredited hospital or surgical clinic which is licensed in order to perform an aesthetic surgery. A candidate needs to be accompanied with someone who can drive to and from the surgical clinic and take care of the candidate for at least two to three nights following the surgery.

The safety and success of the gynecomastia surgery widely depends on the detailed discussions during the consultation session. A candidate is generally asked multiple questions about one’s lifestyle, health and desires.

In preparing for the surgical procedure, a candidate is usually asked to:

  • Getting a medical evaluation or lab test done
  • Letting the surgeon know about all the current medications one is consuming
  • Stop smoking, consuming alcohol and in taking anabolic steroids
  • Avoid consuming anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirins and herbal supplements
  • Notifying the surgeon about the consumption of blood thinning medicines
  • The surgeon needs to know about the medical background of the candidate and his family members.
  • One needs to inform the surgeon about any blood coagulation issues like prolonged bleeding or easy bruising.
  • One has to buy a lose t-shirt which one needs to wear after the surgery is over.
  • One must take a good shower the night before and the morning of the surgical procedure.
  • On the day of the surgery a candidate must not apply any cream, powder or any deodorant on the day of the surgery.
  • One must not wear any jewelry or contact lances on the very day of the surgery.
  • One needs to wear comfortable apparels such as button downs or zip ups.
  • One should not consume any liquid or food after midnight before the surgery.
  • A candidate must also alert the physician about every kind of allergic possibilities to medications.
  • One can start antibiotics day before the surgery and pain relieving medicines are provided after the surgery is over.

What should a candidate expect on the day of the surgery?

The surgery will be performed under general anesthesia. All patients require someone to drive them home after surgery. It is best for you to rest and take it easy the first night. You will have an IV in place to ensure that you are receiving adequate fluids until you go home. It is also encouraged that you drink fluids throughout your recovery. Chest drains will be in place. Only a light meal is suggested after surgery to avoid stomach upset. Swelling and bruising are normal reactions to the healing process. Arnica may be purchased in advance to decrease bruising. At the hospital, be certain to alert your nurse of pain so that the prescribed pain medication can be administered. Patient may experience constipation, which may be relieved by any prior medication which can be purchased over-the-counter in the pharmacy

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