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Post-Operative Guidelines And Safety Measures

The recovery time, which a candidate needs to spend after the gynecomastia surgery is over, usually lasts around four to six weeks. Obviously the entire course of the recovery span depends on a candidate’s health condition and individual’s recovery pace. Usually aesthetic surgeons recommend total rest for the initial four to five days after the surgery is over. During the first few days followed by the surgical procedure, a candidate tends to face postsurgical effects such as swelling, bruising, uneasiness, mild to moderate amount of pain, tenderness or tightness in the treatable area. All these post surgical side effects banish as the healing span progresses and also with the help of effective medication and postsurgical care measures.

Though the surgical result varies from one candidate to another, the goodness of post-surgical measures matter a lot when it comes to achieving the most desired surgical result. Every candidate needs to follow all the post-operative instructions and guidance suggested by the surgeon-in-charge in order to gain a speedy and healthy recovery without the occurrences of any unwanted complications.

Few of the important post-operative measures are listed below:

Healthy Diet Plan:

Right after the surgical procedure, candidates are mostly recommended to consume clear fluids or liquid foods and after few days, one can switch to solid diets as per the advice of the surgeon-in-charge. One needs to ensure the consumption of healthy foods which have immense amount of water content in it. A candidate can easily include fruit juice, clear healthy soups in order to get the complete nutrition along with preventing dehydration. One must strictly prohibit the consumption of alcohol, tobacco substances and anabolic steroids for as long as the surgeon has advised.


The more rest one takes, the quicker and better would be one’s surgical reviews. During the first twenty four hours followed by the gynecomastia surgery, a candidate in recommended to keep away from every kind of strenuous activities such as lifting heavy weights, driving or working out. After one feels comfortable, brisk walking can be done as advised by the surgeon in order to recover quickly. However a candidate doesn’t require staying in bed for the entire day, after four to five days, one can perform moderate activities such as the daily chores of life and daily activities can be increased up gradually. However, most of the candidates can go back to their work after five to six days of the surgery.

Use Of The Compression Garment:

During the recovery span of gynecomastia, the most important part is to wear a compression garment. Wearing this helps to reduce the post-surgical bruising and swelling and it also helps to improve the aesthetic contour of the treatable area. A candidate needs to wear the compression garment for twenty four hours during the first week of the surgery. In the second week, one reduces it to eighteen hours a day. One must not compromise with maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the compression wear otherwise certain infection might arise. Regular washing the garment in cold water followed by a drying procedure must be followed. After three to four weeks, one can switch the compression garment with any comfortable wear.


A candidate needs to be supported by highly effective medications such as antibiotics which have healing properties and pain relievers. While the prescribed medication for gynecomastia surgery is going on, one must not consume any other medicines which have blood thinning tendencies and the post surgical complication rate increase a lot. One must let the surgeon-in-charge know about all the other regular medications one is already consuming before undergoing the surgical knife. Consuming the regular medications highly depend on the advices of the surgeon-in-charge.

Being Careful:

Taking good care of oneself has no substitute when it comes to the recovery span followed by the gynecomastia surgery. A candidate has to maintain a hygienic and healthy lifestyle in order to make the most of the surgery. One also has to keeps the incision clean and washing it with cold water on a regular basis. Most of the cosmetic surgeons prescribe advanced silicone gels which are to be applied on the scars so that they fade away with the passing course of time. Applying those antibiotic ointments and covering the incision with a new dressing is a must for everyone.

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